Baker’s words on Hue mean one thing…you’re either with the Browns, or you’re against them.

Let’s start this off by saying that for once in my life, I’m siding with a Cleveland Brown.

I have been extremely critical of Hue Jackson over the years, as many NFL fans have been. He has been a terrible excuse for an NFL coach, but that looked like it had a lot to do with just flat out pathetic front office moves by the Browns. Jackson seemed to want to be the rebuild guy, but it just was wrong place wrong time.

This whole Baker v Hue situation has me pretty intrigued to say the least. In case you live under a rock, Hue was fired from the Browns with a 3-36-1 record over two and a half years. His quarterback, who he went on a media tour to say he really didn’t want to draft, has been playing great for a franchise who might not actually have a greatest qb of all time.

It was really only a matter of time before Hue got some type of job. He helped himself in good favor with the league and almost everyone can understand that the Browns have been a lost cause lately. Hue took an assistant position with his former team and in-state AFC North rivals, the Cincinnati Bengals. This move seemed pretty straight forward; Hue needed a team, and the Bengals had their best years with him at Offensive Coordinator….and they played the Browns soon.

The Browns came into that game and blew every single persons mind, probably even Dorsey’s. Baker looked insane, and Nick Chubb proved that trading away Carlos Hyde was one of the better recent moves the team had made. After the game, Hue seemed dead set on reaching Baker. Baker shook his hand, but basically treated the situation the same way it would be to see an ex at a concert. “Nice to see you, but uhh go away now please.”

After the game, Baker went on a bit of a media tangent, saying that Hue had asked the Browns to play for him and they went over to a division rival they play twice a year. Me – I’m totally with this stance. Hue had been there for three years, preached about being a Brown and took a job with the Bengals out of spite. Yes, we talked about a few of the perks of going there (been there before, yadda yadda yadda) but there’s 0 chance you convince me this wasn’t a revenge move.

A couple of analysts spent today leaning into Baker, which I have a separate issue with in itself. The words of a 23 year old rookie straight after a heated rivalry game starring the coach that basically said if he had drafted who he wanted, the team would be good, shouldn’t be able to be dissected by grown ass men the following couple of days.

What seems to be the main argument is Baker’s transfer from Texas Tech to Oklahoma. So many analysts have said so many stupid things about how that’s worse because Baker wasn’t paying a mortgage, “just” playing college football.

Baker made is claim on his own defense, saying on Instagram in a comment to a First Take Video that he didn’t lose 30 games and go to a rival. He stated that he didn’t have a scholarship at tech anymore, and went after the team that would give him the best shot at a pro career.

How you can even pretend transferring from a school where you walked on to be the starter and were given no scholarship, so you left for a team that was up and coming with potentially some money for you is comparable to this move is unbelievable. College kids are berated enough when it comes to basically gaining millions for a school with almost no true positives in return.

How dare Ryan Clark, who I normally agree with, stand there and say that Baker should have stayed at Texas Tech and paid his own way. Absolutely ridiculous for anyone to tell Mayfield to pay money to play for a team when a better team has the better shot at offering him scholarship. That point alone has me the most heated, telling a student athlete to pay his way when told he wasn’t scholarship material. Clark also stated that Baker “doesn’t want these hands” from ESPN analyst and former player Damien Woodie. Shut up Ryan. Literally, this was an over dramatization of the entire situation and was used just as a way to stand by your fellow former players…..exactly what Baker was fighting for, right?

No matter which way you dice this up, I would like to add that this entire situation is exactly what the Cleveland Browns needed. If you aren’t with us, fired or quit or traded or resigned, you’re against us. Finally we see a change in the Cleveland Browns.

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