Moorhead’s Power Rankings – Week 13


Arizona Cardinals


Previous Rank: 32


You know at first the Cardinals were doing really well in their game against the Chargers… and then they let up 45 unanswered points. Rosen continues to fall under pressure although he is finding red zone chemistry with Fitzgerald and David Johnson continues to do the best with what he has but, if the Cardinals keep playing like this they will never get out of this spot.



Oakland Raiders


Previous Rank: 31


The Raiders fall victim to another loss in the form of the Baltimore Ravens. For once I can say that their defense played better than their offense. They intercepted Lamar Jackson twice but lost themselves later in the game. Carr threw a touchdown to Cook which was honestly incredible to watch but other than that the offense was plagued by a ruthless Ravens defense.



San Francisco 49ers


Previous Rank: 29

The 49ers fall a spot after a dreadful loss to the Buccaneers. I barely watched this game to be honest as this was easily the weakest game of the week. Nick Mullens was absolutely dreadful to watch. Granted his top two receivers Garcon and Goodwin were both out of this game but he barely got anything going with Kittle as Pettis became his number one target. It was bad to say the least as Mullens threw two interceptions to one of the worst pass defenses in the NFL.



New York Jets


Previous Rank: 30


The Jets move up a spot as the 49ers sank below them on the rankings. This game was actually fairly close until the end of the 3rd quarter. McCown actually looked pretty good considering he is two years younger than Brady. Still he threw an interception and the run game just could not get going and for this they stay below on the rankings.


Jacksonville Jaguars


Previous Rank: 26


Think Jalen Ramsey is regretting the comments he made before the season started? I know I would be if my team was a former shell of itself and have lost seven games in a row. Worst of all the quarterback that he called “trash” delivered in this game and made the Jaguars defense look like fools. Other things that did not look good for the Jaguars was the benching of continuing struggling quarterback Blake Bortles, the firing of Hackett; their offensive coordinator, and their running back Fournette has been benched for next week’s game against the Colts. Just an overall mess in my opinion.



Cincinnati Bengals


Previous Rank: 23


This team is lost. They will finish last in the AFC North and Marvin Lewis will be fired by the end of the season. Andy Dalton has been placed on injured reserve with a thumb injury so Driksel will finish out the year as the starter. The defense also continues to be one of the worst in the NFL thus making this team a lost cause at this point.



Tampa Bay Buccaneers


Previous Rank: 27


The Buccaneers move up a spot after their win over the 49ers. Winston actually did pretty well in this game throwing for over 300 yards and two touchdowns. Do I think this will last? The answer is no. They get the Panthers this week and after losing three games in a row the Buccaneers will fall victim to a Panther win.



New York Giants


Previous Rank: 24


Well this was a tough one for me considering I had the Giants winning this game against the Eagles. Simply put; You refuse to use Saquon Barkley after being up for most of this game and it cost this team a victory they should have obtained. Hopefully this is a hard lesson that the Giants will learn. You need to efficiently use Saquon Barkley.



Buffalo Bills


Previous Rank: 28


Well I thought it would happen but it actually happened this past Sunday as the Buffalo Bills beat the Jacksonville Jaguars. Honestly I was worried about Josh Allen in this game but he was nothing short of fantastic. True his passing yards were not incredible but he threw a sensational 75 yard touchdown pass to Robert Foster under pressure and he also rushed for 99 yards and a touchdown. The defense also stepped and picked off Bortles twice. Miami is on the table next for Buffalo and they have a decent shot at beating them.



Miami Dolphins


Previous Rank: 22


The Dolphins were a surprise this week. They still lost but honestly it was a close one to the end. It was a surprise because I honestly thought this team would have gotten blown out by an aggressive Colts team. Still they picked off Andrew Luck twice and held them in check till about the 4th quarter and then they gave the game away. They face the Bills this week and are in danger of losing another game.



Detroit Lions


Previous Rank: 20


Whelp the Lions were a favorite to win this one since Trubisky was inactive for the Bears but there wasn’t much to be thankful here for this team as they gave up a massive loss. Matthew Stafford was just terrible in this game throwing two interceptions one of them going for a pick six. More importantly their defense gave up two touchdown passes to Chase Daniels who only threw one touchdown pass in his entire career. Only saving grace here was LeGarrette Blount who rushed for 88 yards and had two rushing touchdowns. This week they face the Rams which spells for another loss for Detroit.



Atlanta Falcons


Previous Rank: 21


Did anyone see this team beating the Saints last week? Good me neither. This was easily the most disappointing Thanksgiving game to watch. They simply just got outplayed. The big things here were the run game and the defense. Matt Ryan was the leading rusher on their team with 16 rushing yards and the defense gave up four touchdowns from Brees to four unknown receivers. They have the Ravens this week and honestly the way their defense is playing Lamar Jackson or Joe Flacco (if he plays) is going to have a field day.



Philadelphia Eagles


Previous Rank: 25


The Eagles jump up five spots in their victory over the Giants last week. Honestly, the way they were playing it looked like the Giants were going to walk away with a victory but the defense stepped up and got the job done as they were able to hold them from getting points for about a quarter and a half. They were able to win in a true comeback fashion finish with a Jake Elliot field goal just like last year only a little bit shorter. This week we will see how they fair against a divisional rival in the Washington Redskins.



Washington Redskins


Previous Rank: 19


The Redskins stay put at 19 after losing to the Cowboys on Thanksgiving. Colt McCoy wasn’t all that terrible has he tossed two touchdowns but also threw three interceptions. Adrian Peterson could not get anything going for the ground game and their defense fell victim to the Cowboys offense. They face the Eagles this week in which might make out to be an interesting divisional showdown.



Tennessee Titans


Previous Rank: 17


The Titans fall one spot after losing to the Texans on Monday night. The offense was not the issue here as the defense gave up major points including a 97 yard touchdown run by Lamar Miller. Mariota actually threw 22 for 23  and his incomplete was in the 4th quarter. Corey Davis impressed as he was not only the lead receiver but the lead rusher as well. They face the Jets this week and could easily knock this team off.



Green Bay Packers


Previous Rank: 14


Told you so. I said I was done with this Packers team and I meant it. This time it fell solely on Aaron Rodgers. He got outplayed by Kirk Cousins Sunday night. He threw for only 198 yards and his touchdown of course went to Davante Adams. The other points went to Aaron Jones on the ground. They have played bad recently but they should get an easy victory this week against Arizona but it looks like McCarthy’s job security is dimming every week.



Cleveland Browns


Previous Rank: 18


The Browns move up two spots after decimating the Bengals on Sunday. Baker Mayfield might be taking some criticism off the field for his words on Hue Jackson going to Cincinnati but the man was lights out with his arm. He threw four touchdowns and is again making believers out of this Cleveland team. This week they tangle with the Houston Texans and honestly I have the Browns pulling off the upset.



Denver Broncos


Previous Rank: 16


Well this game was frustrating to watch. Honestly there was not a lot to come from this team except two major things. Emmanuel Sanders continues to be the light in the passing game for the Broncos and Philip Lindsay became the first running back to rush for over 100 yards against the Steelers. In the end the game was sealed with Denver defense interception to put the Steelers away. They face The Bengals this week so the defense should be in for feast on Jeff Driksel.




Dallas Cowboys


Previous Rank: 15


Dallas came away with a huge divisional win against Washington on Thanksgiving. Now they are in first in their division. After the acquiring of Amari Cooper this team has been on a roll as Prescott, Elliot, and Cooper are all finding their way to glory. This week boasts their toughest challenge yet though as they get the Saints Thursday night. I’d love to believe in them but it’s hard to bet against the Saints right now.



Houston Texans


Previous Rank: 11


The Texans move down two spots on the ranking this week because of one simple thing. There are teams that are better than them, even though they beat the Titans on Monday. I am still waiting for a decent team to come along and give them a challenge so hopefully Cleveland can do just that. Lamar Miller went on a 97 yard touchdown run and Watson and Hopkins have been doing good as well. Hopefully they are ready to face that harsh Cleveland defense.



Baltimore Ravens


Previous Rank: 10


The Ravens land in the same predicament as the Texans do. Lamar Jackson was a beast this week against the Raiders but that is to be expected; they are the Raiders of course. He did however throw two costly interceptions and that cannot be overlooked. The defense played amazing here especially sacking Carr and having Terrell Suggs pick the ball up and run it back for the touchdown. This week boasts an interesting matchup with Atlanta but with the run game strong I expect the Ravens to come out with a victory.



Carolina Panthers


Previous Rank: 8


The Carolina Panthers fall out of the top ten after their third consecutive loss. This one was to the Seahawks and this was an interesting game to watch indeed. If you had Christian McCaffrey on your fantasy team he performed over and beyond the limit. It is clear he is the main weapon both on the ground and in the air. Cam Newton continues to do good things and D.J. Moore has seemingly broken out as the #1 wide receiver of this team. They have a good shot at boosting their record to 7-5 and getting out of this losing streak with a second game with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this week.


Indianapolis Colts


Previous Rank: 12

The Colts make their way into the top ten for the first time all season as they continue to impress me. This game was a lot closer than expected but Andrew Luck got it done throwing 3 touchdown passes. He uncharacteristically also tosses two picks to a vulnerable Miami defense but I guess we all have off days. The Colts get the Jaguars this week and can pull off the victory since key players from Jacksonville will be out this week. Expect Andrew Luck to throw well and hard in this game. The defense should also step up against newly starting quarterback Cody Kessler.



Seattle Seahawks


Previous Rank: 13


Seattle also finds home in our top ten this week with a victory over Carolina. Seattle is always a headache of a team because you are not sure who is showing up every week, but honestly hats off to Pete Carroll and what he has done with this team this year. Wilson is playing better this year now that they have finally found a group of running backs to carry the running load especially Chris Carson. The defense has also been doing well. They aren’t the Legion of Boom anymore but they are still making a statement with the talent they have which is very impressive. They get the 49ers this week which normally would be a good divisional game to watch. This time i expect an easy victory over this dreadful 49ers team.



Minnesota Vikings


Previous Rank: 9


To all of the Kirk Cousins haters out there I told you this game he was going to not only do well but do better than Aaron Rodgers. You know you who all are. Anyway both of those things happened as the Vikings pulled off an impressive victory over Green Bay. Cousins tossed 3 touchdowns and well over 300 yards. The defense was the key threat here as they held Rodgers to under 200 yards and only one touchdown. This week they have a challenge in the New England Patriots in what might be considered the game of the week. I’ll surely have popcorn ready to watch this one.



Chicago Bears


Previous Rank: 7


The Bears retain their number 7 spot with a Thanksgiving victory over the Lions. It was an interesting surprise to see Chase Daniels throw two touchdown passes giving him three total in his career. The defense continues to give teams headaches and could spell an end to the Giants this week. If they zone in and pressure Manning enough he will panic and fall. They then just have to find a way to stop Barkley and Beckham.  The offense is in question again as we do not know if Trubisky will be available this week. If they do all of these things, the Bears will easily win this game.



Pittsburgh Steelers


Previous Rank: 4


Turnovers. The key word that kept the Steelers from winning this game. True Denver stepped up with the run game and the defense was there when it needed to be, but in my mind Pittsburgh beat themselves in this game. They get the Chargers this week which is shaping up to be an incredible game to watch between two amazing teams.



Los Angeles Chargers


Previous Rank: 5


The Chargers stay put at #5 after their overkill win on the Cardinals last week. Rivers completed I believe what was 22 passes in a row and that statistic is just crazy to believe. The reason they did not move however was the team they beat is the worst in the NFL and Melvin Gordon is out for this week against the Steelers. That is a crucial weapon to not have against a strong defensive team like Pittsburgh team. This one is going to be a close one and one for the ages to watch. Expect Rivers and Big Ben to duke it out like the giants they are.



New England Patriots


Previous Rank: 6


The Patriots move up two spots after their win against the Jets last week. The big reason they move up two spots is because Tom Brady set the record for most passing yards in the NFL and the returns of tight end Rob Gronkowski and running back Sony Michel. They made a difference each having a touchdown with Julian Edelman as well having one. This week the Patriots get an interesting challenger in the Minnesota Vikings. Who will come out on top? Not sure, but it is going to be an interesting one to watch.



Kansas City Chiefs


Previous Rank: 3


The Chiefs stay put coming off their bye week. This week they get a very vulnerable Oakland Raiders team so be on the lookout for the starters to hit hard and early and then relax for the rest of the game to avoid injury. This is simply a very small stepping stone for the Chiefs to get through to move on up the ladder.


Los Angeles Rams


Previous Rank: 2


Like the Chiefs, the Rams stay put where they are at coming off their bye week. They get another easy team to beat in the form of the Detroit Lions who are still stinging from their loss to the Bears. Look for the Rams to play defensive here trying to stop Stafford and Blount and use Gurley on the ground until they are up a bunch in the scoreboard. It looks like another win for this Rams team.



New Orleans Saints


Previous Rank: 1


Do I even need to say anything else about how great and complete this team is. Brees threw four touchdowns and they were all rookies that no one knew until they caught them in the end zone. It was honestly like a test or another feat for him to accomplish. He did throw an uncharacteristic interception to a Falcons team but so did Matt Ryan against the Saints defense. Ingram and Kamara continue to shine and the defense just keeps getting better and better each week. Simply put this team losing at any time looks unbelievable.

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