I find it absolutely hilarious that we know nothing about football. Oh, you would like an example? I’m so glad you asked. Ryan Fitzpatrick is the best performing quarterback in the NFL at this moment. Undrafted second year running back Matt Breida came into this weekend as the NFL’s leading rusher. Coach Gruden complained about how hard it is to find a pass rusher in this league, after letting the leagues best past rusher go. The Buffalo Bills just made the Minnesota Vikings look like a peewee football team. Shall I continue? One more for good measure? How about we go with the Browns look good. 

Here are some things we do know from the morning slate of games. If your curious, it’s 10:45 in Hawaii right now, and honestly I think all games should be this early. I have been more productive today than almost any day of this year mainly because I was up at 5 am because of the time change. 

1) The Chiefs are for real for real. I’m not one to toot my own horn (unless you actually know me of course in which case that’s a bold lie, ask Greg), but when Mahomes was drafted I said he would by far have the best career out of that draft class. A slinging athletic QB that has a year to sit behind a solid starter in an Andy Reid offense? Yes please. They also have the weapons. Kareem Hunt was a consensus top 10 running back going into this season, and although that’s not wrong still, it has to be mentioned that Spencer Ware has cut into his work load. Sammy Watkins, who we all absolutely marked down as a bust by his drafting standard, seems revitalized in this Chiefs offense as their number 2/3/4/5 option, depending on the week. 

2) The Vikings are Human. I’m not going to say that they are going to come crashing down to earth the sam way they did today, but this does prove they can be beat. I still think the Vikings win that division, but they got manhandled by a mediocre Bills team today, most importantly they were defeated by rookie quarterback Josh Allen, who literally hurdled a guy today. It was wild. The Bills are without corner Vontae Davis (for being a big giant P.O.S.) and running back LeSean McCoy, and still lite the world up. 

3) The NFC south is still the toughest division. Don’t get me wrong, the NFC north is so close to being back that it’s awesome. The Bears are finally efficient, the Vikings have their QB (except today), the Lions should be awesome and the Packers have Aaron Rodgers. BUT the NFC south showed out these first couple games. The Bucs are in first place with Fitz-Magic in full force. The Saints and Falcons just went to OT and had one of the best shootouts I’ve seen in a long time, and the Panthers running duo of Newton and McCaffrey is one of the most elite I can remember. This will be a division where two three teams get into the playoffs again. 

4) The Steelers are done with Le’Veon Bell. Yes, I know, this wasn’t part of the morning games and deserves its own write up, but news broke during the early games that the Steelers are fielding trade offers for the running back. He will most likely go to a team with cap space and a running back need (duh), which I really thought would be the 49ers before the Jimmy G injury. Watch out for Bell to head to a contender who can deal with the antics and giant paycheck he will demand. 

5) The AFC East is technically up for grabs. I get it, we haven’t seen another champ in 9 straight seasons (14 out of the last 15 seasons have gone for the Pats in this division) but the Dolphins are 3-0, and the Bills and Jets have life. YES, the Patriots will end up winning this division. But, for the first time in years, we have hopes. 

Let’s see what the late games have in store for us.