I sit here, glued to a television on an NFL Sunday. Redzone on the laptop, of course, but I don’t dare touch the remote. It’s unbelievable what is actually on the television right now. A dangerous and deadly animal known for the calm demeanor runs wild across green pastures, bystanders not only standing far too close to the beast, but reaching their hands out to try and get a touch of this hybrid beast. Imagine the combination, something we might never see again. It makes you wonder, how did that even happen. A laboratory? An animal of folklore? Whatever it is, turn on NBC, because we’re watching something that looks like a Tiger and a Goat walking around in a red nike Polo shirt. 

I will not be the one to jinx this. But Tiger looks like Tiger. He doesn’t just look like he is out there playing, or that he might be on the scoreboard at the end. Tiger has the lead. Tiger has three holes left. Tiger. Might. Just. Be. Back. 

A true comeback is the most pure moments in life. No matter your thoughts on the man, the legend of Tiger Woods is historic. Arguably the most dominant athlete of all time in his craft, in a sport where mental errors are impossible to over come. No matter your outlook on the man, you can’t speak ill of a career like this. If Tiger pulls this off (and yes, I have knocked on wood) it would be his first PGA Tour victory in five years. That doesn’t happen, especially in individual sports. 

There is no story of golf without Tiger Woods. As a Western PA kid, I love Arnold Palmer. And if you think you can talk golf without a number of older names like Palmer’s, you’re terribly wrong. All that said, Tiger woods is the reason golf is golf now a days. Dustin Johnson, Jordan Speith, Jason Day, Rickie Fowler, Justin Rose….it seems they all want to be in his group on Sunday morning. 

Probably the most fitting name to have with Tiger this Sunday is Rory McIlroy. Rory was the next big thing when Tiger was “fading”. Rory has suffered a very similar stretch of success and human downs in his career as Tiger. In my opinion, these two names have almost as strong a tie as Tiger and Phil. 

Tiger is the last of a dying breed of athletes. He came into his professional career with Kobe Bryant, Derek Jeter and Ray Lewis. Tiger is the last of the breed that would rather have championships than friends. Think about the new NFL, or the new PGA, or even the new NBA. People training with other athletes on other teams. Taking trips together. Seeming to not care about winning, as long as the life you live is as fun as can be. 

Don’t get me wrong, that’s a truly amazing way to live. But what we are witnessing this Sunday, is one of the last athletes that doesn’t want to be your friend. He doesn’t care if you like him. He wants to win. Same as Ray. Same as Kobe. Same as Jeter. Same as every person we consider the GOAT in every aspect of their craft. What I’m saying is, we are witnessing history.

With two holes left, join me in saying……come on Tiger.