Antonio Brown should be pissed off and so should you…just not at him. 

Look…. We are all angry. The Pittsburgh Steelers should be Super Bowl contenders every single year, and that’s something we can all agree on. We know we shouldn’t have lost to the Browns, and although yesterday’s game was amazing compared to week one, no one is happy going two weeks without a win. It’s perfectly fine to be upset with that… but someone explain to me why ripping Antonio Brown for a post game tweet is the answer?

This is a product of frustration, one we all have been feeling since the last Steelers Super Bowl. Frustration for stupid play calls. Frustration for draft picks that didn’t hit (or just haven’t hit yet). Frustration in being tied with the Browns. Frustration cause James caught it. Frustration that American Idol isn’t as good as it used to be.

For anyone who doesn’t know, AB was visibly upset during the game against the Chiefs, mainly due to target share. We’ve been down this road before with Brown, who fought a water cooler in 2017 after a large lack of a target share. Now, hear me out with this one…who cares. Yes, never should a player express themselves like that in front of so many cameras and young fans, but why were we so triggered by it. “He’s a baby.” “He should be happy the team won.” “Why does he hate his teammates?”

AB is one of a kind in the sports world. If you’re unaware, Antonio Brown went to Central Michigan college, a small Division one school in…you guessed it….Michigan. Brown originally had his heart set on playing football at Florida International University, but was expelled before the season for an altercation with security. AB then began reaching out to the wide receivers coach Butch Jones at WVU, and was extremely close to attending the school. That is until Jones left to be the head coach at Central Michigan, taking Brown with him.

Brown had two 100+ yard reception seasons, with 93 his only blemish in 2008, if you consider that a down year. Brown had a school-record 305 receptions in his three year career at CMU. After his junior year, he would forgo his senior year to enter the 2010 draft. Brown was selected in the sixth round at pick 195. And well, as they say, the rest is history.

I think it’s important to know the entire story before you throw someone to the fire. None of his previous accolades excuse fighting a water cooler, but it helps to understand a persons story when it comes to situation.

Let’s address this tweet. A tweet to the tune of “AB is nothing without Big Ben” was said by a former steelers PR assistant Ryan Scarpino. The part of the tweet that triggered a response was “You know darn well he wouldn’t put up those numbers for other teams”, which is an interesting argument due to AB’s sixth round value. Brown replied to Scarpino’s tweet, saying “Trade me let’s find out.” So no, AB didn’t tweet at the Steelers to trade him after the game. The tweet was a response to the great debate, did Big Ben make him or is AB the single hardest working player in the NFL? Personally, there’s a reason we traded away Emmanuel Sanders and Mike Williams to keep AB on the roster.

My biggest argument with this whole attack on Bell and Brown is an excuse. Why aren’t we mad at the defense, at all? Or the Steelers Front Office? Or the fact that Boswell was paid a decent chunk of change and has been below mediocre? Because it’s easy to blame Bell and Brown. It’s easy to just say that’s the issue, not that we have a significant amount of misses in the draft and took a hybrid safety / LB this year who cant cover Kelce the way we all expected?  Or the fact that Big Ben was DOODOO in the first game…like, historically doodoo. The amount of doodoo that almost gave the Cleveland Browns their second win in 32 TOTAL GAMES.

I get it…it’s a “team sport” and they should want to win for the city, but I’ll make the same argument I do for Bell. These are human beings. They might be jaggoffs, but yes money, fame and stats do carry weight in NFL locker rooms. But more importantly, if AB thinks throwing to him wide open after he burns a corner will win us the game better than a 3rd and 17 screen, he’s earned the right to express it.

To contrary belief Antonio Brown does not want traded. He just bets on himself, like he always has.

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