Rulez is Rulez…even if they suck.


Apologies, WordPress sucks and I couldn’t add the video, so there’s the link.

So I wanted to do a quick post about this big NFL hitting issue. I think it’s important to say first off, the rules for hitting have changed. Whether or not you agree or disagree with the changes, we all have to acknowledge that the defensive side of the ball is absolutely different now than it ever has been. Some of the rule changes are absolutely amazing, such as you no longer have to “survive the ground” on a catch. Hence, Jesse James caught it. This is a rule change we can all agree is a step closer to understanding the world wide question “What is a catch?”

Now of course no one is mad at that one – we’re mad that Clay Matthews got called for hitting Alex Smith. This hit was as traditional as possible, and there lies the issue. Clay wraps his arms around Smith, and drives his body forward, forcing the former Chief into the ground. That’s the big issue. 

If you watched the NFL show on FOX before kick off, they went a little in depth into this rule change. The main point is, you must run through the hit, not run through the hit and then drive into the ground. Clay Matthews did not get called for the initial hit. Clay Matthews was called for carrying the hit into Smith’s body on the ground, cause Matthews body to crush the dude. 

This hit is, as many people mentioned, textbook. It wasn’t a head hit, and it wrapped up the quarterback so he couldn’t throw the ball away. The major key to all of this is that the rules of the game have changed.

Now, whether you like or dislike this is a completely different conversation. And the sad part is it truly does vary from official to official. It’s kind of like the constitution. Supreme Court justices can read the document three different ways. 1) Some justices read it in what’s called the spirit of the law. Basically, it’s not about what the law says, it’s about what you think was the goal when the rule was invented. 2) Some justices rule it exactly how the rule is said. It doesn’t matter when the rule was made or what the spirit would be. The law is the Law. 3) The third way is to take the rule and basically make it relevant to today. 

OBVIOUSLY this shouldn’t be a penalty. It had 0 head contact and if anyone in the NFL should be cautious of their hits, it’s Matthews due to recent flags flying his way.

You’re going to see a lot of hits that should be called and aren’t or vice versa. All we can do is watch football and don’t forget to post on your Facebook how the NFL is full of lil sissy girls. I’d argue it isn’t the players who are sissy girls, but the front office ol’ white men more scared of being sued than actually facing the concussion issues in the game, but hey….in the words of Terry, I’m just a guy. 

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