In a story written by Dale Lolley of Dk Pittsburgh Sports, some steelers players said they feel optimistic that Antonio Brown might be able to make amends with the team in 2019. “We all get emotional,” center Maurkice Pouncey said while down at the NFL Pro Bowl this week.

Personally, this brings up some big questions for me. This is the same guy who legit put Bell on death row for his antics earlier this yea. The entire offensive line laid into the Steelers former running back earlier this year, but seem fairly quick to forgive AB for his recent remarks.

Obviously Bell and Brown have two very different situations with the team at this point. Bell didn’t sign a lucrative deal that the Steelers offered, and AB is just so fed up with wasting his time in Pittsburgh and not winning that he just demanded a trade. Really, from an over weight bench thinkers perspective, I don’t see much of a difference except that AB was already paid by the Steelers, Bell was trying to get more money.

I’m almost always on the players side. I wrote an article about how AB is a fiery person who deserves to be looked at as a man who wants to win and not a diva, but the more we look at his situation, the worse it seems to get.

Maybe I’m just not meant to get it, but it seems weird that the Steelers would be optomistic that Brown would be back on the Steelers in 2019 after Art Rooney II said it would be “Hard to Envision” Brown back with the team.

As fans of the Steelers, we obviously want the best talent back. But can someone explain the difference between Bell and Brown for me when it comes to Pouncey’s remarks? Is it because Brown played through this season and Bell sat at home?

All in all, please come back Antonio. If I have to tell my grandkids I saw this team play football and NEVER win a superbowl, I’m just going to be one sad, sad grandpa.