One More Year for Matt Canada

Let me just start by saying, I pray that my Grandmother does not read this because it may break her heart. BUT HERE ME OUT MARTY!

I think the Steelers should give Matt Canada one more year. I know this notion seems insane and the fact that a fan would make the suggestion is even more insane. However, I have three solid points as to why we should give the former Pitt OC one more shot.

4 Quarterbacks in two years.

Look it is obvious that the Steelers have gone through their growing pains in this position. First by giving Big Ben his last ride. Was it warranted? Hell to the yeah! However, it was damaging to Canada’s reputation. His offensive scheme would have been better suited for 2010 Ben Roethlisberger instead of what he got in the victory lap hall of famer. I don’t blame this on anyone but it needs to be noted.

Then in year two he enters the season without a stapled-on number one. He is working with Mitch Trubisky, who at times can look like a starter until it’s time to actually win a game. Then you have Mason Rudolph who is whatever. But then in the back of the room is a kid with scraggly hair tucked under a ball cap. He may be a boy but many believe he will become the man. It wasn’t until week 4 that Kenny Pickett was finally inserted into the offense. Then to his credit delivered a 7-5 record as a starter. 

This is what we brought Canada here for.

When the Steelers picked Matt Canada it was 100% to be the OC for Kenny Pickett. So how can you be mad when you have a tool like a Phillips head screwdriver and you are trying to use it to screw flat-head screws? Can a Phillips head technically turn a flat-head screw? Sure, will it go smoothly? No! So finally we have the two of them paired up and look what happened. The Steelers have a winning record. In fact, I believe that we should examine Canada’s season from the bye week. The bye week allowed Canada to reset knowing Kenny was the guy and then slowly unravel the offense he was brought here to run.

The AFC is still going to be stacked.

Look next year the AFC is going to be the exact same. All the teams that made the playoffs would be favored to make it again. Sure maybe if the Ravens don’t re-sign Lamar Jackson you could see them taking a step back. However I don’t think the Titans will be down for long, and let’s not forget the Patriots will eventually figure it out. So what’s the harm in giving Canada one more year? It’s not like there is a surefire shot at a Super Bowl next year. Especially not with Joe Burrow, Patrick Mahomes, and Josh Allen all still duking it out. Wouldn’t you rather make 100% sure that Canada isn’t the guy in a year where you know you aren’t winning a Super Bowl? Then 2 years from now when George Pickens, Najee Harris, and Kenny Pickett are all in their prime. When your defense will have two aging studs in Minkah Fitzpatrick and TJ Watt. I rather have our shit figured out for that moment. Then be kicking the tires on a new OC who is trying to win a Super Bowl.

Those are my reasons I am sure I will get torched for it, but that’s how I feel. Give the guy one more shot, and let’s see what we can do next season.

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