12 Team All NBA Mock Draft

What, you’ve never been so bored on a weekend that you finalized a twelve-team All NBA mock draft where you’re every team?

I used a combination of the all-time stats, the NBA 75 team, and a ton of random blogs that I absolutely will not cite before you dive into reading this blog. The numbers for anyone who doesn’t traditionally see mocks are where they were selected. For example, Michael Jordan was taken first overall so he is the 1.1. Devin Booker was a last-round selection, coming in at the 10.3.

Eventually, the goal is to run a YouTube video for a 12-Team all time draft so if this is something you do in your spare time let me know your thoughts!

Team One

Unlike in traditional GOAT convos, the first pick in the All Time Draft does leave an argument for a few guys like LeBron, Kareem and Shaq just due to their pure dominance. There just isn’t a reality where I don’t have Jordan as the clear 1.1 on my board. This isn’t my normal anti-LeBron Deke Talk coming through, this is taking the clear-cut guy at the position. After that, pairing Jordan with some big men like Malone and Olajuwon just felt like a steal. I wasn’t in love with Wilkins but snagging him in the 5th round is more than serviceable. I will add that I probably let Joel Embiid slide too far but having him come off the bench makes this team a clear threat.

PG: Jason Kidd (4.12)

SG: Michael Jordan (1.1)

SF: Dominique Wilkins (5.1)

PF: Karl Malone (2.12)

C: Hakeem Olajuwon (3.1)

Bench: Jimmy Butler (6.12)

Bench: Joel Embiid (7.1)

Bench: Mark Jackson (8.12)

Bench: Amar’e Stoudemire (9.1)

Bench: John Wall (10.12)

Team Two

I thought pretty hard about Kareem vrs. LeBron here but I think Le-Loser has cemented himself the right to be the chalk 1.2. LeBron’s entire career has been a circus of finding the right role players to pair him with as well, so having to not stress about our second pick being the 2.11 was nice. Nash and Miller are amazing pieces for LeBron’s play style and pairing him with a peak AD means this team has everything an NBA Champ LeBron team needs. I went a bit heavy with big men on the bench with Grant and Cousins just due to their play style again with Moncrief providing some meaningful scoring as well.

PG: Steve Nash (2.11)

SG: Reggie Miller (3.2)

SF: LeBron James (1.2)

PF: Anthony Davis (4.11)

C: Bill Walton (5.2)

Bench: Bob Pettit (6.11)

Bench: Dennis Johnson (7.2)

Bench: Horace Grant (8.11)

Bench: Sidney Moncrief (9.2)

Bench: DeMarcus Cousins (10.11)

Team Three

On a straight Swag Level, this team is too amazing from top to bottom to hate. I’m sure there’s going to be a discussion about Kyrie Irving being a top ten PG all time but it was a no brainer for me to pair Kareem with some swagger. Dr. J. provides a sense of swagger to the more structured McHale and Klay Thompson should ABSOLUTELY be on the 75th anniversary list. Iggy was an easy late add for this team and I love The Truth coming off the bench for this lineup.

PG: Kyrie Irving (4.10)

SG: Klay Thompson (5.3)

SF: Julius Erving (2.10)

PF: Kevin McHale (3.3)

C: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (1.3)

Bench: Paul Pierce (6.10)

Bench: Joe Dumars (7.3)

Bench: Al Horford (8.10)

Bench: Andre Iguodala (9.3)

Bench: Dolph Shayes (10.10)

Team Four

Remember when I spoke about the Swag Level? This team clearly won that category with flying colors. To me personally, Kobe is the 1.4 but I can easily see Magic or Shaq going here. I may have also taken Dennis Rodman early at the 2.9 but I really wanted to build this team around Bryant and Rodman has proven to be the perfect forward for that play style. With AI and Bryant there’s a clear “only one ball” aura in the locker room but they’d figure it out (I hope). Gasol was an easy snag to pair with Rodman and snagging Bob Cousy and Tim Hardaway are amazing depth for the distributors on this roster.

PG: Allen Iverson (3.4)

SG: Kobe Bryant (1.4)

SF: John Havlicek (5.4)

PF: Dennis Rodman (2.9)

C: Pau Gasol (4.9)

Bench: Bob Cousy (6.9)

Bench: Ben Wallace (7.4)

Bench: Tim Hardaway (8.9)

Bench: Zach Randolph (9.4)

Bench: Joe Johnson (10.9)

Team Five

This roster is the most interesting when you consider play styles. Magic and Giannis are extremely similar in playstyles so I had to get shooting depth on the bench in Mullen, George and JET. Dirk and Jokic is the greatest duo for a Magic led offense with their ability to dominate down low and at the arc. Also due to the fact that I believe Luka will go down as a great and is also a larger guard, he felt like a decently easy selection behind Magic.

PG: Magic Johnson (1.5)

SG: Gary Payton (4.8)

SF: Giannis Antetokounmpo (2.8)

PF: Dirk Nowitzki (3.5)

C: Nikola Jokic: (5.5)

Bench: Chris Mullen (6.8)

Bench: Paul George (7.5)

Bench: Jason Terry (8.8)

Bench: Luka Doncic (9.5)

Bench: Bob McAdoo (10.8)

Team Six

If this NBA Draft happens and I walk away with Larry Bird in the first, I would be elated. Bird is a DOG and one of the most impactful scorers of all time so I wanted to be sure to get a distributor in Stockton early on in the draft. Barkley and Howard are one of the most athletic front courts in this class and adding in a bit of flair with Drexler felt right, especially in the 5th. I loved Chris Bosh’s pairing with this roster and Manu Ginobili provides a smooth scorer off the bench to help down the stretch. Also, there was a 0% chance I wasn’t getting Baron Davis on a roster somewhere. Love that dude.

PG: John Stockton (2.7)

SG: Clyde Drexler (5.6)

SF: Larry Bird (1.6)

PF: Charles Barkley (3.6)

C: Dwight Howard (4.7)

Bench: Wes Unseld (6.7)

Bench: Chris Bosh (7.6)

Bench: Maurice Cheeks (8.7)

Bench: Manu Ginobili (9.6)

Bench: Baron Davis (10.7)

Team Seven

When you take a center with your first pick, my brain instantly goes to guard next and Dwayne Wade shouldn’t fall any further than the 2.6 in this situation. Wade is one of the greatest guards of all time so that duo alone brings my life purpose. Ewing is an interesting add with Wilt but that defense is going to be elite, especially with Webber coming off the bench. Walt Frazer was on the tail end of PG’s taken but there’s no denying his stardom on and off the court and Rick Barry provides some nice shooting to a team that’s going to be driven by the two pointer more than the three…which is why I snagged Stojakovic and Reddick with the last two picks. If Walt get’s tired as well, is there a better backup PG in this draft than Penny Hardaway? Deep sleeper team.

PG: Walt Frazer (4.6)

SG: Dwayne Wade (2.6)

SF: Rick Barry (5.7)

PF: Patrick Ewing (3.7)

C: Wilt Chamberlain (1.7)

Bench: Alex English (6.6)

Bench: Penny Hardaway (7.7)

Bench: Chris Webber (8.6)

Bench: Peja Stojakovic (9.7)

Bench: J.J. Reddick (10.6)

Team Eight

Shaq v Wilt was a really tough decision and honestly, I’m glad it worked out the way it did. I love Isiah Thomas and putting those two together at the 2.5 was just too good to pass up. I snagged KG next to ease the load from Shaq down low and Dame and Melo are just icing on the scoring cake. I wonder how those two would operate together knowing they are both ball-dominant scorers but with Shaq on your team, you just have to know he’s the guy. This bench is one of the more interesting as well with Vince Carter, Blake Griffin and Kemba Walker all being nice depth pieces. Elvin Hayes could arguably be a starter in this league as well, so that was a no-brainer at the 7.8.

PG: Isiah Thomas (2.5)

SG: Damian Lillard (4.5)

SF: Carmelo Anthony (5.8)

PF: Kevin Garnett (3.8)

C: Shaq (1.8)

Bench: Vince Carter (6.5)

Bench: Elvin Hayes (7.8)

Bench: Kevin Johnson (8.5)

Bench: Blake Griffin (9.8)

Bench: Kemba Walker (10.5)

Team Nine

Originally I had taken Jerry West to be the PG on this team, but snagging Westbrook at the 5.9 was just too good to pass up. Tim Duncan is one of the few stars in this draft that I think really would paid wonderfully with Russ, especially when you consider that the best player on this team may turn out to be Kawhi at the end of the day with all due respect to Duncan’s legacy. Off the bench I wanted to buff up the ball handlers early snagging Billups and Rondo. Add in Bill Laimbeer and Jermain O’Neal to replace Duncan and Parish down the stretch and this is a seriously talented roster if they can not fist fight one another.

PG: Russell Westbrook (5.9)

SG: Jerry West (2.4)

SF: Kawhi Leonard (3.9)

PF: Tim Duncan (1.9)

C: Robert Parish (4.4)

Bench: Chauncy Billups (6.4)

Bench: Rajon Rondo (7.9)

Bench: Grant Hill (8.4)

Bench: Jermain O’Neal (9.9)

Bench: Bill Laimbeer (10.4)

Team Ten

Steph is a steal at the 1.10, especially when you consider that the wrap is coming up so finding him a partner that fits his style would be easy. I love the idea of Curry and Pippen together as people often forget just how good Scottie was with those Bulls teams. If adding Moses Malone at C wasn’t enough, I have the two greatest shooters ever on the same backcourt with Ray Allen at the 4.3 and Draymond’s ability to stretch the floor only opens up space for everyone. Knowing Green is a smaller forward I snagged Mourning and Wallace for the bench to add a nice rotation. T-Mac is a terrific scorer and in the off chance that Curry and Allen need a break, bring in two absolutely deadly scorers in Derrick Rose and Devin Booker. I love this roster so much.

PG: Steph Curry (1.10)

SG: Ray Allen (4.3)

SF: Scottie Pippen (2.3)

PF: Draymond Green (5.10)

C: Moses Malone (3.10)

Bench: Tracy McGrady (6.3)

Bench: Alonzo Mourning (7.10)

Bench: Derrick Rose (8.3)

Bench: Rasheed Wallace (9.10)

Bench: Devin Booker (10.3)

Team Eleven

I’m a broken record but man, I love this team too. Chris Paul paired with Bill Russell just sounds like the purest form of Basketball I could ever imagine and the duo of Gervin and Baylor would just be fun to watch and hard to defend. Knowing that David Robinson can play the full season I didn’t prioritize bigs on the bench other than Yao Ming, opening up the bench for some needed scorers in Aguirre and Korver. Also if Paul ever misses a game, is there a smoother transition than Tony Parker?

PG: Chris Paul (2.2)

SG: George Gervin (5.11)

SF: Elgin Baylor (4.2)

PF: Bill Russell (1.11)

C: David Robinson (3.11)

Bench: Tony Parker (6.2)

Bench: Kyle Korver (7.11)

Bench: Shawn Kemp (8.2)

Bench: Yao Ming (9.11)

Bench: Mark Aguirre (10.2)

Team Twelve

Man, if this video happens I want the last pick! The Big O, Kevin Durant, James Harden…simply put, this team can score. Hear me out for everyone saying KD and Harden wouldn’t work together before you lose your minds. That team was our favorite with Russ and his comparisons to Oscar are pretty transparent. For the bench, I should probably target guards earlier next time but Aldridge coming off the bench for Mikan and Mike Miller adding that scoring should pair nicely with the starting lineup. Also, there was a 0% chance Stephen Jackson wasn’t being draft. Him and Baron Davis can’t be left off the board.

PG: Oscar Robertson (1.12)

SG: James Harden (3.12)

SF: James Worthy (4.1)

PF: Kevin Durant (2.1)

C: George Mikan (5.12)

Bench: Lamarcus Aldridge (6.1)

Bench: Kevin Love (7.12)

Bench: Mike Miller (8.1)

Bench: Gail Goodrich (9.12)

Bench: Stephen Jackson (10.1)

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