Moorhead’s NFL Power Rankings – Week 14

The NFL is heating up people, and so are the Power Rankings. Crazy things happened last weekend. Teams that shouldn’t have won, won. Teams are getting better. Teams are getting worse. Let us keep this thing going so we don’t break the Power Rankings Curse!


Detroit Lions (1-10-1)

Previous Rank – 32

They did it. The Lions have finally won a game. It was a close one though as it came from a last-ditch effort throw by Goff to win the game against the Vikings. Detroit can now relish in the fact that they won’t go without a win. That doesn’t move them in the power rankings though. This week they will look to try to get another win on the season when they face the Denver Broncos.


Jacksonville Jaguars (2-10)

Previous Rank – 31

This is just stupid at this point. The inexperience of coaching from Urban Meyer blew this game from them when he decided to bench James Robinson after a fumble. The guy is your best player. You’re an idiot Urban, and it continues to reflect on this team. The Jaguars have to get better, but it looks like a lost cause at this point. They’ll face the Tennessee Titans this week.


Houston Texans (2-10)

Previous Rank – 30

The Texans got thrashed this past weekend by the Colts this past weekend. Tyrod got hurt yet again, so Davis Mills had to come in and finish the job. It wasn’t a great effort, but I don’t expect much from this team, to be honest. They will get another opportunity to try to win a game when they face off against the Seattle Seahawks this weekend.


New York Jets (3-9)

Previous Rank – 29

I will say this; Zach Wilson looked decent last weekend putting up three total touchdowns to one interception against the Eagles. However, they still had their issues. Corey Davis is now on IR, but it doesn’t seem to matter when they have rookie Elijah Moore. The Jets will have an interesting matchup this weekend as they face the lukewarm New Orleans Saints.


New York Giants (4-8)

Previous Rank – 27

The Giants are not looking, great man. Daniel Jones couldn’t get going last weekend so they started Mike Glennon, and yeah he was terrible. Now, he is dealing with a concussion so Jake Fromm could get the start if he can’t go. This team is weak. The defense was good at one point, but the offense just can’t seem to get anything going even with Saquon back in the fold. They will look to get an upset win this weekend when they take on the Chargers.


Chicago Bears (4-8)

Previous Rank – 25

The Bears were slaughtered last weekend with the returns of both Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins. Andy Dalton was terrible throwing two touchdowns to four picks in this one. Nothing they did looked impressive to me. The return of Justin Fields should give this team some optimism, and they are going to need it. They will face the Green Bay Packers.


Carolina Panthers (4-8)

Previous Rank – 26

The Panthers are coming off a bye week, and I will say this; the firing of Joe Brady has me questioning Matt Rhule’s decision-making. It is an odd choice to make with only so many weeks of football left, but it is what it is. Cam Newton will get this start this week, and he has to produce otherwise it is going to be bad. He should be good though as the Panthers will take on the Atlanta Falcons.


Seattle Seahawks (4-8)

Previous Rank – 28

The Seahawks finally got back on track with a win over the 49ers this past weekend. Russell Wilson looked back in form, and the team was able to once again be lifted onto his shoulders for him to carry them to a win. The Seahawks need to use all their weapons though. DK Metcalf has gone quiet these past few weeks, and they need to get him the ball. They’ll face the Houston Texans this weekend.


Minnesota Vikings (5-7)

Previous Rank – 22

I’ve been preaching the “Fire Mike Zimmer” train for a while now, and if last week doesn’t justify the means, then you people are crazy. The Vikings became the first team to lose to the Lions this season. The defense crumbled. They let Jared Goff mount a comeback and just walked away with their tails between their legs. Thielen getting hurt also doesn’t help them especially when they will be facing the Pittsburgh Steelers this Thursday night.


Atlanta Falcons (5-7)

Previous Rank – 21

The Falcons drop two spots after losing to the Buccaneers this past weekend. I knew it would happen, but it still sucks as this is probably Matt Ryan’s last year as the quarterback. No matter what they did, the Falcons couldn’t generate enough offense to mount a win against Tampa Bay. Now they will have to get it together because this week they will face the Carolina Panthers.


New Orleans Saints (5-7)

Previous Rank – 19

The Saints aren’t looking too hot right now. Taysom Hill gave it his all, but he still threw double the picks as he threw touchdowns. He did manage to also rush for over 100 yards though to help out fantasy owners. You can desperately tell this team missed Alvin Kamara, but only time will tell when he can get back on the field. They will try to get close to.500 on the season when they take on the New York Jets this weekend.


Miami Dolphins (6-7)

Previous Rank – 23

The Dolphins were able to get another win this weekend against the Giants, and they are not going down without a fight. Their team is playing significantly better than what they started out with this season. Part of that I believe goes to Brian Flores and his coaching. Honestly can’t believe people wanted to fire this man. They will have an opportunity to rest as they will go on their bye week this week.


Philadelphia Eagles (6-7)

Previous Rank – 24

Minshew Mania is back baby. Gardner was electric going up against the Jets this past weekend. The mullet was able to toss two touchdowns to Dallas Goedert, and Miles Sanders showed promise on the ground with over 100 yards. The defense had some slight tweaks here which hurt them a bit, but the team was able to come out with the win. The Eagles now will get a chance to rest as they will go on their bye week.


Denver Broncos (6-6)

Previous Rank – 15

I didn’t like dropping them this low, but it is what it is. The team really didn’t have much going for them in this game besides the defense and the rise of Javonte Williams. Teddy was average against a decently bad defense, and they gave up so many yards to get Butker multiple field goals to pin them against the mat for the score. They could have a bounce-back week this week though as they’ll take on the Detroit Lions.


San Francisco 49ers (6-6)

Previous Rank – 16

The 49ers were missing Deebo Samuel so much in this game. It was a divisional game so I am not gonna blame it too much as George Kittle popped off for a great performance with over 180 receiving yards and two touchdowns. They need Samuel back in the lineup though because he is that damn good and a game-changer to say the least. They’ll have a tough game this week though as they’ll take on the Cincinnati Bengals.


Cleveland Browns (6-6)

Previous Rank – 17

The Cleveland Browns are coming off a bye week, and they will look to right the wrong last time that was the game against the Baltimore Ravens. The defense was able to intercept Lamar four times last time, but they couldn’t get any offense going while Baker had his own struggles. Let’s see if they can get the better of the game this time when they face them this weekend.


Las Vegas Raiders (6-6)

Previous Rank – 14

The Raiders buckled under the pressure when they dropped a loss to the Washington Football Team last weekend. The offense really couldn’t muster a whole lot aside from Carr connecting with Hunter Renfrow on multiple occasions in this one. The Raiders have to get the rest of the offense involved if they are able to make a run at anything now. They will face the Kansas City Chiefs this week in a divisional rematch.


Washington Football Team (6-6)

Previous Rank – 20

The real MVP of this game was the kicker Johnson as he was able to seal the deal with a victory over the Raiders last weekend. However, this team is starting to get their act together. Gibson is performing well, the defense is stepping up, and Taylor Heinicke looks pretty good. He’ll have to be after it was confirmed he will be the starter for the remainder of the season. The Washington Football Team will face the Dallas Cowboys this weekend.


Pittsburgh Steelers (6-5-1)

Previous Rank – 18

Call it whatever you like, but the Steelers got a much-needed win over the Baltimore Ravens last weekend. Big Ben is starting to come back into his form, and he needs to continue to do this to finish out his career in Pittsburgh. Johnson and Claypool looked great in this one, Najee ran okay, and the defense got the job done when it was asked. The Steelers will now get another purple team to face when they tackle the Minnesota Vikings this Thursday.


Cincinnati Bengals (7-5)

Previous Rank – 11

After weeks of dominance, the Bengals dropped a bad loss to the Los Angeles Chargers this past weekend. They let them score over 40 points in this contest. Mixon getting hurt definitely did not help, but the defense couldn’t handle the pressure of Justin Herbert and the offense. Let’s see what they can do this weekend as they will face another Bosa when the 49ers come to town.


Indianapolis Colts (7-5)

Previous Rank – 12

After a tough loss to the Buccaneers two weeks ago, the Colts mustered a dominant performance against the Houston Texans. Taylor was great as usual, and they relied on him for a majority of the contest. The defense also stood up to take on Tyrod and Davis whenever they were asked to do so. The Colts will now get some much-needed rest as they will go on their bye week this week.


Los Angeles Chargers (7-5)

Previous Rank – 13

The Chargers needed this win as they plowed through a tough challenger in the Cincinnati Bengals. The entire offense looked great in this one as Herbert, Ekeler, Allen, and Williams looked terrific. The defense also brought their A-game when dealing with the multiple weapons the Bengals had to offer. Now, the Chargers will look to this weekend when they face the New York Giants.


Buffalo Bills (7-5)

Previous Rank – 8

The conditions in this game were not great so I am willing to give the Bills some slack, but this game meant a lot to them trying to knock off the Patriots, and it just didn’t happen. Their defense was overrun (literally) by the Pats since the wind was so bad, and they just couldn’t get a break. Josh Allen tried his best here, but in the end, they lost the game. Now they are second in the division and will need to win from here on out in order to make a run. They’ll face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this week.


Kansas City Chiefs (8-4)

Previous Rank – 10

It wasn’t a pretty one, but the Chiefs got the win over the Broncos. Mahomes had a rushing touchdown, no passing touchdowns, and an interception. I am convinced that he has been figured out by the other teams, but we will have to see what happens down the road. The Chiefs will now have another divisional game at hand this weekend when they face a team they absolutely killed last time; the Las Vegas Raiders.


Tennessee Titans (8-4)

Previous Rank – 6

Dropping a team after a bye week isn’t what I like to normally do, but I am honestly scared for this team going forward. They will get Julio Jones back which should help, but this team has to come together without AJ Brown and Derrick Henry. So far, Ryan Tannehill has not been able to provide the numbers the team has been asking of him, but it is hard without your main weapons. They will face the Jacksonville Jaguars this weekend.


Dallas Cowboys (8-4)

Previous Rank – 9

The Cowboys got the job done against the Saints last Thursday night. A big helping hand was given to them from the likes of the defense who intercepted Taysom Hill four different times in the contest. Prescott continues to find ways to get people involved in these tight games. I will say it looks like the tides may be shifting in the running back department though as Elliot seems to be losing way to Tony Pollard. However, there are still games to be played so let us see what happens this weekend when the Cowboys take on the Washington Football Team.


Baltimore Ravens (8-4)

Previous Rank – 5

A lot happened in this matchup with Baltimore and Pittsburgh. For one, they would have won the game had Mark Andrews made the catch for the two-point conversion. Blame that on whoever you liked, but it didn’t get done. Also, the secondary took a big hit with the loss of Marlon Humphrey. The secondary already had its issues, and now this just adds to the dilemma. Also, Watt was able to skim through that offensive line and put Lamar down on multiple occasions. The Ravens will have to play smarter this weekend as they’ll find themselves in a rematch with the Cleveland Browns.


Los Angeles Rams (8-4)

Previous Rank – 7

After weeks of turmoil and despair, the Rams were finally able to put a dominant win up on the board when they destroyed the Jacksonville Jaguars. Everything seemed to work in this one. Each receiver was able to put up great numbers, Sony Michel finally got going with Henderson sidelined, and the defense brought the pain against Trevor Lawrence and company. They will get a much tougher task this week though as they’ll face a team they lost already; the Arizona Cardinals.


New England Patriots (9-4)

Previous Rank – 4

I find it crazy that the Patriots won this game with Mac Jones only throwing three times in the entire contest. I know conditions were bad and all, but damn Bills…what the hell? The Patriots now find themselves at the top of their division once again. The defense has been incredible, and Mac Jones is a huge name to be rookie of the year the way he is playing. The Patriots will now get some much-needed rest as they’ll go on their bye week this week.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers (9-3)

Previous Rank – 3

“Tompa” Bay was able to do it again. A huge performance on the part of Tom Brady and the offense as they sent the Falcons to the shadow realm last week. This team is at the top of their division and continues to impress me every single week no matter who makes the play. It could be Brady, Fournette, Evans, Godwin, Gronk, you name it and this team is getting better every single week. They will have a tough task though this week as they’ll face the Buffalo Bills.


Green Bay Packers (9-3)

Previous Rank – 2

The Packers are coming off a bye week, and are one of the top teams in the NFL right now. Sure, they are a little banged up, but given the bye week, all issues should be put aside when looking to their opponents this week. Time has a funny way of showing us that history repeats itself. Will that be the case yet again as Aaron Rodgers and the Packers take on the Chicago Bears? I predict it will to the point where Aaron should own shares of this team by now.


Arizona Cardinals (10-2)

Previous Rank – 1

I was a little worried about Murray and Hopkins returning in this game as ring-rust does exist believe it or not. I was blown away as Hopkins scored a touchdown while Kyler threw two touchdowns to Hopkins and James Conner. He also rushed in two scores as well. The defense continued his reign of terror as they intercepted Andy Dalton four different times. Everything looks good for them so far, but they will face a team that will certainly give them some trouble this week; the Los Angeles Rams.

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