Start’ Em Sit’ Em Quarterbacks – Week 8

Alright, people here we go. Week eight is here so let us look back and see how we did last week for your fantasy teams in terms of quarterback play. Tua was my start of the week, and despite the two picks, he still scored over 20 fantasy points. I call that a win. The sit of the week was Daniel Jones who might have done better than I expected with 17 points over the Panthers. Let’s see what we can do for you guys this week.


Start of the Week;

Joe Burrow vs New York Jets

Joey Burrow put up nice fantasy points against the Ravens last weekend despite the matchup. God, I love when I am right. He gets a great matchup this week as he’ll face off against the New York Jets. Their defense is a mess, and they gave up two touchdowns to Mac Jones last week, and Burrow has better weapons. Who Dey? Is that how the kids say it?

Kirk Cousins vs Dallas Cowboys

Kirk is coming off a bye week and has a nice matchup against the Dallas Cowboys. Don’t be surprised if he gets picked off by Diggs in this one, but overall he should put up great numbers in this one as teams find some success when facing the Dallas defense. Lock him up for this one. Don’t let me down Kirk.

Jameis Winston vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Am I insane for doing this? I know the offense is a little rocky for the Saints aside from Kamara, but I just want Winston to throw a bunch of touchdowns in his revenge game against the Bucs. Sean Payton knows how to exploit this banged-up Bucs defense so expect him to help Winston along with this, but I love this matchup here.

Teddy Bridgewater vs Washington Football Team

If this seems odd for some people just remember who they are facing. The Washington Football Team cannot defend against the quarterback position. This could be the opportunity for the Broncos to bounce back. It might be an odd-ball pick here, but with so many teams on bye, it might be wise to take advantage of the matchup here.

Trevor Lawrence vs Seattle Seahawks

The rookie is coming off a bye week, and he will be facing the Seattle Seahawks this week. Look, I know matchups aren’t everything here, but hopefully, Lawrence can get something going against the Seahawks. Their defense has been absolutely horrible this season in regards to keeping points away from opposing quarterbacks. A flyer pick? Yes. Will it work? I believe so.


Matt Ryan vs Carolina Panthers

Daniel Jones vs Kansas City Chiefs

Taylor Heinicke vs Denver Broncos


Sit of the Week;

Sam Darnold vs Atlanta Falcons

What the hell has happened to you, Sam? You were great in the beginning. You were passing touchdowns and running some in? Now you are just a mess, and you got benched for P.J. Walker against the damn Giants dude. Until he figures it out, I have no choice but to tell you to sit Darnold. The matchup is a good one, but man I can’t trust Darnold or the Panthers anymore.

Tua Tagovailoa vs Buffalo Bills

Tua did great last week in terms of fantasy production with over 20 points scored against the Falcons. However, he will be facing the team that put him on the injured reserve; the Buffalo Bills. Their defense is the number one defense in the NFL right now. It just isn’t smart people. Bench him this week.

Ben Roethlisberger vs Cleveland Browns

I hope I am wrong about this, but I have to tread caution to anyone that starts Ben against the Browns. It is true that their defense has experienced some injuries, but I am really worried about our offensive line against Myles Garrett. Ben will likely have a tough time throwing the ball downfield so expect a lot of short passes, and we all know how that goes with Ben people. Not good.

Mac Jones vs Los Angeles Chargers

Mac Jones did great against the Jets last weekend, but the Chargers’ defense is a whole different breed entirely. They know how to pressure the quarterback and have them make mistakes. I mean they made Lamar look a little silly when they played them. So you expect me to start Jones when I have that knowledge? Absolutely not people. Find someone else.

Jimmy Garoppolo vs Chicago Bears

I am not crazy about this matchup based on how Jimmy played against the Colts. Did weather play into it? Maybe, but having multiple fumbles and two interceptions will not cut it. You can also imagine that the Bears are tired of losing and will look to take their aggressions out on someone. That someone is Jimmy G. No way people.


Baker Mayfield/Case Keenum vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Justin Fields vs San Francisco 49ers

Geno Smith vs Jacksonville Jaguars

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