Start’ Em Sit’ Em Tight Ends – Week 5

Tight ends are such a mysterious puzzle that I sometimes just can’t wrap my head around. I feel like for every one I predict to have a big day just as many in my starts do poorly. The same can be said for the sits as well. This is always one of the hardest ones to predict, but here we go again.


Start of the Week;

Dawson Knox vs Kansas City Chiefs

Knox has been on fire in recent with multiple touchdowns in two weeks. He has become quite the target in the red zone for Josh Allen and with all the weapons he has it is honestly surprising. The kid keeps on delivering though and so that is why he is the start of the week. Mr. Knox should be a great play this week despite it being the Kansas City Chiefs. Look for him to catch a touchdown and keep going on this start column.

Dalton Schultz vs New York Giants

Schultz like Knox has never been the vocal point of the offense. However, he is scoring touchdowns and becoming a favorite target for Dak Prescott. I like him a lot this week when the Cowboys take on the Giants. For some reason, the Boys always have the upper hand on the Giants. I like this matchup a lot too so get Schultz in your lineup.

Dallas Goedert vs Carolina Panthers

Goedert was able to get a score last weekend against the Chiefs. He seems to be building a great resume with Jalen Hurts, and I like to think this happy relationship with continue when the Eagles take on the Panthers. I honestly believe that maybe both tight ends will get a score here, but in the end Goedert should have a decent day indeed.

Mike Gesicki vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Gesicki continues to be a great option with Brissett at quarterback despite the Dolphins’s struggles. His target share is good, and the Bucs have had some issues in recent weeks covering tight ends. After scoring a touchdown last week, I would get him in your lineups once again when they take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Jonnu Smith vs Houston Texans

Jonnu Smith had a good day at the office when he and the Pats took on the Bucs. In fact, both Smith and Henry both scored touchdowns. Look for Smith to have another great day at work when the Patriots take on the Houston Texans. Let’s not forget that Buffalo’s Dawson Knox scored on them twice last weekend.


Kyle Pitts vs New York Jets

Hunter Henry vs Houston Texans

Austin Hooper vs Los Angeles Chargers


Sit of the Week;

Robert Tonyan vs Cincinnati Bengals

Tonyan has been a former shell of himself this season. He barely gets targeted anymore, and the redzone seems to have limited him to a touchdown dependent tight end. That’s never a good sign. A matchup against the Bengals isn’t the worst thing though, but it just doesn’t seem like Aaron loves your boy Bobby anymore.

Jared Cook vs Cleveland Browns

Cook had a nice revenge game against his former team the Las Vegas Raiders as he scored a touchdown and got a decent bit of yardage. However, he was only able to do this when the receivers of the Chargers were having difficulty. I expect Cook to go back to his usual form this weekend when he and the Chargers take on the Browns in what is sure to be a really good matchup to see.

Max Williams vs San Francisco 49ers

Don’t chase the points here. Max Williams is very hot and cold when it comes to fantasy production. If this is the case he should revert back to his usual role of just being there when needed. I see a big game out of the wide receivers and Chase Edmonds in this one so if you need to start him just be warned. Of course, if you are starting him there’s more to worry about your team and you should read my columns more often.

Tyler Conklin vs Detroit Lions

Conklin finds himself on the sit list yet again this week despite the favorable matchup. This game should be a run first and pass when needed if Dalvin Cook is truly healthy. He was only able to score single digit points last weekend against the Browns, but like I said while the matchup may be more favorable there are just too many pass catchers in Minnesota. I’d sideline him this week and see for yourself.

Evan Engram vs Dallas Cowboys

Evan Engram still sucks at football no matter how many points he scores. He honestly only got those looks since a boat load of receivers were out, but even if they didn’t come back I do not like this matchup with the Cowboys. Engram has had this tale told to him so many times that it is just sickening to his fantasy owners. Just don’t bother man. Sit him.


Gerald Everett vs Los Angeles Rams

Anthony Firsker vs Jacksonville Jaguars

Dan Arnold vs Tennessee Titans

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