Start’ Em Sit’ Em Quarterbacks – Week 5

Well last week was a tough one for this column. I mean the matchups were there prime and ready to go, and man did some guys just completely made me look foolish. However, the king bows to no one and will be continuing to make his picks and tell you why they are either great or why they suck. Let’s get going because it is time for week five starting with the quarterbacks.


Start of the Week;

Kirk Cousins vs Detroit Lions

I may kick myself for this later, but dammit despite what happened last weekend against the Browns, I am going with Kirk Cousins yet again as my start of the week. The big reason is he is facing the Lions. This team has struggled defensively all year to quarterbacks. It might be divisional, but I like Cousins here against a much easier defensive opponent.

Sam Darnold vs Philadelphia Eagles

Even though the Panthers lost last weekend, Sam Darnold has been lighting up fantasy points in crucial fashion with four total touchdowns last week. The interceptions shouldn’t be as concerning to owners, and he should be a great play this weekend against the Eagles. Yeah, their defense isn’t bad, but points to come to opposing quarterbacks when they play them. Get Darnold in your lineup now people.

Matt Ryan vs New York Jets

Matty Ice was a start for this column last week and sure enough he put up his best stat line of the season. Arthur Smith might finally be unlocking what potential Matt Ryan has left, and he’ll need it. They face a Jets team in London, and honestly weird things happen in London when it comes to football. However, despite who wins or loses Matt Ryan should have a great matchup ahead of him this week.

Jameis Winston vs Washington Football Team

I’m starting to really question if the Saints are good or not. Their record is all over the place, and it was very unexpected to drop a loss to the winless Giants last weekend. However, Winston faces the Washington Football Team this week. Their defense is almost a sign that says stream whatever quarterback against us as their defense has given up the most points to quarterbacks on the season. You never know what Jameis you are gonna get, but I’d like to think the odds are in my favor.

Mac Jones vs Houston Texans

Alright so Mac Jones looked pretty great against the Bucs last weekend. I’m starting to like the dynamic of this kid a lot as he is by far the best quarterback in the draft (not counting Trey Lance). He should be in for yet another good performance this week as the Patriots take on the Houston Texans. What else do you want me to say, their defense blows man.


Ryan Tannehill vs Jacksonville Jaguars

Trey Lance vs Arizona Cardinals

Zach Wilson vs Atlanta Falcons


Sit of the Week;

Baker Mayfield vs Los Angeles Chargers

Baker did not look great last weekend against the Vikings, and it remains to be seen if this offense really needs him. At this point he is a game manager who still only has two touchdowns on the season. It’s week five people. This team will run and play smart on defense, but Baker owners should start to consider other options for this week and the future.

Derek Carr vs Chicago Bears

Could have told you that was how last week was gonna go for the Raiders. Carr was pressured quite a bit in this one which made the mistakes start to almost run out of him like dirty water going down a drain. The mistakes will keep coming despite a nice matchup because with Khalil Mack having his revenge game, it is going to be a long football game for one Derek Carr. Fade on him this week.

Ben Roethlisberger vs Denver Broncos

Big Ben played better than he did against Cincinnati, but overall the results were still kind of gloomy against Green Bay. The matchup looks very favorable, but honestly it is gonna be a low scoring game here man. Ben might get lucky and throw a touchdown, but one is all I see here. Plus he is gonna get pressured heavy by this Broncos defense.

Carson Wentz vs Baltimore Ravens

Wentz got the job done and sealed the Colts first victory last weekend against Miami. However, he will now be dealing with an entirely different monster when the Colts take on the Ravens Monday night.This Baltimore defense put Teddy Bridgewater out of action and thrashed Drew Lock. This defense makes quarterbacks uncomfortable. Carson Wentz has looked uncomfortable all season. Not a good matchup man.

Trevor Lawrence vs Tennessee Titans

I actually don’t hate this matchup as much as I should. However, my fear is that the Titans are going to get up early on the Jaguars with Derrick Henry running the ball. Lawrence will have to play catchup in this offense so the play calling will have to be played smart, something that hasn’t happened a lot with the Jaguars this season. All that matters is how Urban Meyer calls this game and how he can put Lawrence up. So for now it’s a very half and half motion with it leaning more towards sitting.


Jared Goff vs Minnesota Vikings

Justin Fields vs Las Vegas Raiders

Davis Mills vs New England Patriots

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