Monday Night Football: Same Game Parlay Special

Well, week 4 of the NFL saw some surprises that no one thought would happen in the betting world so, needless to say, every single one of my parlays was SHAFTED thanks to the Tennessee Titans not being able to pull off a win against the New York Jets. This is what I get for putting my faith in Derrick Henry going absolutely beast mode with the absence of Julio Jones and AJ Brown.

So what are we going to do? You bet your ass we are doing some Monday Night Football Madness with some same game parlay bets and drinking PLENTY of Coors Banquet while hosting one of the BEST shows on the internet, Draft Day, featuring Deke, Degen Denny, Smalls, and our AWESOME sponsor, Alex, owner of LaBoroTory in the South Side of Pittsburgh. Go get the best CBD, Water pipes, Kratom, and your favorite Smoking accessories down there with the most knowledgeable staff in the area! Tune in live on Thoughts From The Bench’s twitch channel at 8PM EST to see the madness unfold.

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Did Someone Say Parlay?

For tonight’s game, we have 2 same game parlays that have some nice payouts. Take a look below to see if you want in on this action for tonight’s game.

7 Leg Same Game Parlay Week 4 MNF

For our next game, a similar parlay but only 6 legs. We will see how tonight fares for my wallet, but hopefully we can get some green!

6 Leg Parlay Week 4 MNF

Happy Betting Everyone! Remember to tune in tonight on Thought’s From The Bench’s Twitch Channel at 8PM EST to watch Draft Day, the show where we draft anything and EVERYTHING. If you are lucky, you might even get to see a Deke freak out live on air!

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