Chip’s Blog Number Two

Well hello everybody, back to write more stuff so they don’t take my

After going 0 and 4 this weekend, Spurs, Seahawks and 2 fantasy teams I
am suprised my wife didn’t leave me and my dog die. (Tell Frank V. if he
needs any input on the next song to hit me up)

First I must congratulate Dre on a nice win   PS I really didn’t want to
post that pic!!!!

Although I am against the 2 running back system we seem to have
installed here @ TAFC it did do justice this week.

The recieving corps totally shit the bed coming in with a combined 18.5
points total for 3 players. Hopefully that was a fluke.

The one true bright spot was a NFL record by my man Justin Tucker (I
hope Fish reads this)  66 yards and a push from the crossbar

Next up is Denny who at this writing was 2 and 0, after checking out his
lineup my only hope may be that he gets stuck in the casino and his
phone dies

Good luck next week Denny!

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