The NFL Has Become Soft

I think I speak for everyone when I say I am so glad that football is back, and we finally have something to do throughout the week that gives us that wonderful butterfly feeling. Waking up on a Sunday now just seems right. Cracking a cold Coors Light beer when you get home from your job on Thursdays and Mondays now feels right. Hanging out with your friends and talking smack on each other’s fantasy teams just feels right.

So you must be wondering if I am praising it so much why does my title say differently. Let me be very clear here people. As great as the NFL is they find something for the fans to hate about them every single year. In 2019, the pass inference rule threw coaches and fans in a fiery rage. Last year, COVID became a huge issue for everyone’s safety so no fans were allowed at games for a while. Now in 2021, we have the taunting rule.

My response as a fan is a very simple one;


Just when we started allowing more celebrations and players to express themselves we are just gonna take that all away. Every time the NFL wants change to a more elaborate setting, it just makes everything so much worse.

For example;

The pass interference ruling did nothing for us fans. We were treated to bullshit calls getting made, and the coaches being powerless to stop them even when challenging. Goodell and the entire NFL just sat back and watched giving fans, players, and coaches the middle finger knowing damn well he won.

This taunting ruling cannot be the same thing man. If I worked my ass off to become a football player, got to the NFL, and proved myself on plays time and time again, I’d think I’d be allowed to celebrate and show off a bit…

That’s what the NFL thinks of its players man. I mean half of these calls don’t even come into consideration when I think of taunting. Take a look at these and make the judgement call for yourselves, but overall, it’s just a bunch of bullshit man!

Honestly, no matter what this gonna continue and Goodell being the evil genius he is gonna make a boat load of money no matter what while we all have to suffer for it. It’s stupid and it needs to go away.

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