The Real King Stands; Stepping Over Steph!

This league will never learn man. You don’t cross the king, or bad things happen. Take for instance my opponent last week; Ryan Mitchell (aka King Mitch). Now I’ll admit, even I would be terrified looking at my own team at how good they are, but to not even realize Odell Beckham Jr. was questionable. Later in the day before the second set of games, he was downgraded to out. Just imagine if he made the choice to put in Corey Davis. We might have a different outcome. Sadly, it wasn’t meant to be and I get the best of the “king” once again.

Now we move onto my opponent this weekend. Steph spun a wheel to determine her team. It was an interesting strategy, but one that will ultimately lead to her downfall. The best players she was able to pick up were Derek Carr, Robert Tonyan, and David Johnson. Now because of people in the league (not gonna name names) screwing up and forgetting to make content, Steph was gifted the number one receiver in Atlanta; Calvin Ridley. It won’t help Steph. Here’s a little preview of the matchup;

The time has come for Steph to continue to lose in this league. There really isn’t much else to say here Steph. My team will enjoy coasting through the glories of victory over your squad of superficial soldiers. I will be also making a big announcement on the fantasy football show so tune in for that because it is going to be very interesting. One last thing Steph;

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