Moorhead’s Power Rankings – Week 2

What a first week of football people. So many twists and turns last week that you’d think we lived in the multiverse. Anything is possible I guess, remember these get posted every single week during the NFL season. Also, tune into our fantasy football show on Twitch at 10 to go over football news, and who should start and who should sit for the week. We also go over these power rankings and our game matchups. I’m rambling now cause I know what you guys wanna see. You wanna see the Power Rankings. So here they are for Week Two!


Jacksonville Jaguars (0-1)

Previous Week – 30

What a pitiful performance man. The team that wasn’t supposed to win any games this season just beat the team that took the number one draft pick; Trevor Lawrence. The Jaguars almost looked like they didn’t know what to do, and honestly it all comes down to Urban Meyer. Also, James Robinson was barely used… What the hell man. You expect me to believe Carlos Hyde is better. Stupid. They’ll look to their first win when they face the Denver Broncos.


Detroit Lions (0-1)

Previous Rank – 31

This season is gonna be a rough one for Detroit fans. For a while, it seemed like the Lions were trying to make a comeback, but they fell too far early in the game. Goff was okay, but not great throwing the ball. Both running backs got a decent amount of work. The sad thing is now Tyrell Williams is questionable…again, and they also lost their round one draft selection in Jeff Okudah (2020) for the season. They’ll look to make something happen this week, but they’ll face a very angry Green Bay Packers team.


New York Jets (0-1)

Previous Rank – 28

The Jets drop two spots after a loss to the Panthers in week one. Zach Wilson and the entire Jets offense struggled immensely at first. The offensive line couldn’t hold a candle to the Panthers’ defense. Granted, Zach Wilson collected himself and was able to throw two touchdowns to Corey Davis. The Jets have a long way to go, but I feel like they could have started better. They’ll get the New England Patriots this week.


Houston Texans (1-0)

Previous Rank – 32

Well they did it. They managed to get a win. The Houston Texans won a game. Color me surprised, but honestly the Jaguars did not look prepared at all while Houston snuck in and did what it needed to do. All three of their running backs scored touchdowns, their defense picked off Lawrence three times, and Tyrod looked okay stepping in man. They might not be the worst team anymore, but they are still bad in terms of a regular schedule. Take this week. They’ll face the Cleveland Browns.


Atlanta Falcons (0-1)

Previous Rank – 25

Ya’ll wanna see a dead body? Cause that felt like the Falcons’ performance against the Eagles in week one. Matt Ryan was god awful despite not having a turnover was almost bland and tasteless (you’re welcome Gordon Ramsey). This offense has a lot to work out, but this defense overall was disgusting. They have a lot to work on, but hey at least they got Kyle Pitts right? Jesus man, they get the defending Super Bowl Champs this week; the Bucs!


New York Giants (0-1)

Previous Rank – 23

Well that started off a little rockier than I thought it would have with the Giants as they drop four spots in the rankings. This offense and did defense were taken off guard by the Broncos in week one. Daniel Jones could only connect with Sterling Shepard, and Saquon still struggled as he did not loo 100%. The defense also had so many issues stopping the ball from going downfield. They’ll try to make up for it with a divisional matchup Thursday night against the Washington Football Team.


Cincinnati Bengals (1-0)

Previous Rank – 29

The Bengals pulled off a shootout and went into overtime winning their week one matchup against the Minnesota Vikings. This might have been more a situational win than talent wise, but whatever the case Tee Higgins and Ja’Marr Chase both looked great getting the ball thrown to them by Burrow. The defense was still suspect as I had imagined, and the offensive line was okay. They’ll have another decent matchup when they take on the Bears this week.


Carolina Panthers (1-0)

Previous Rank – 27

The Panthers did look good with Sam Darnold under center. Now maybe it helps that he and Robby Anderson played their old team and know the system, but I like to think the Panthers are gonna be alright. Coach Rhule looks like he can go the distance with this group. All three major weapons were used with McCaffrey, Moore, and Anderson all doing damage. Hell, Sam even scored one on the ground. They’ll have a much tougher opponent this week when they go up against a divisional rival; The New Orleans Saints.


Chicago Bears (0-1)

Previous Rank – 21

The Bears struggled in this one man. In fact, the only real player on Chicago that performed well was running back David Montgomery. Other than him, this entire squad sucked major eggs in this one. Aside from the run, the Bears offense couldn’t get anything going. It will be hard for me to put this team low though because of Justin Fields. He needs to get out there. If he does, the Bears will see success. It won’t be with the Red Rocket Andy Dalton out there.


Minnesota Vikings (0-1)

Previous Rank – 19

This should have been a nice start for the Vikings, but sadly they blew it. I knew this team was gonna have Mike Zimmer’s job in jeopardy this year, but wow man. Now granted the Bengals have improved, but the Vikings looked so out of sync. Honestly, a lot of it to blame was on the defense. They let the Bengals have their way with them, and the offense didn’t do much better. Hopefully, this team gets into gear because this week they’ll face the red hot Arizona Cardinals.


Philadelphia Eagles

Previous Rank – 26

Look I understand. I am trying not to buy into Jalen Hurts after only one game as the starter, and I know that Atlanta’s defense is hot garbage, but man did Hurts put on a show in the week one opener. The connection between himself and rookie wide receiver DeVonta Smith is strong as he was the primary receiver with Dallas Goedert and Jalen Reager behind him. This defense also didn’t allow a single touchdown on the day. Consider this a warning for Philly. They’ll have a much tougher task at hand this week when they take on the San Francisco 49ers.


Indianapolis Colts (0-1)

Previous Rank – 20

The Colts couldn’t relish in a win with Carson Wentz as they took a loss to the Seattle Seahawks last week. It’s a tough one because honestly with T.Y. Hilton there the receivers has to step up which they did. However, the part that didn’t stand up to the task was the defense. They let Russell Wilson cook them for four total passing touchdowns. Honestly, it was embarrassing. They have to get this under control if they want to make big things happen this season. They’ll face the Los Angeles Rams this week.


Denver Broncos (1-0)

Previous Rank – 22

The Broncos surpassed the New York Giants last weekend with Teddy-Two-Gloves having a solid outing. Now granted, they lost Jerry Jeudy for about four to six weeks, but this team showed a lot of promise. The defense looked like their old selves again, the offense was flourishing, and overall if you are a Broncos fan, you’re pretty happy. They’ll have a nice matchup this week when they take on the clueless Jacksonville Jaguars.


Washington Football Team (0-1)

Previous Rank – 16

The Football Team was put on blast early as their starting quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick will be sidelined six-eight weeks with a hip injury. Taylor Heinicke will take over, and honestly I do not like the plan. The defense will still keep them in games, but the offense is gonna suffer a lot like it did last year with Terry McLaurin and Logan Thomas taking a hit. Antonio Gibson should still see plenty of work though which might be the smart thing to do with Heinicke at quarterback. After their loss to the Chargers, they’ll take on the Giants this Thursday night.


Dallas Cowboys (0-1)

Previous Ranking – 17

Them Boyz almost had it here fellas. They matched the Bucs throughout this game, and honestly they would have won it had Greg Zurlein not missed a few kicks. Dak is back and looking better than ever with over 400 passing yards and three touchdowns. Cooper and Lamb both excelled here as well. Zeke struggled, but I imagine he’ll get better in the coming weeks. They’ll face the Los Angeles Chargers this week.


Las Vegas Raiders (1-0)

Previous Rank – 24

The Raiders pulled off a crazy astounding win over the Baltimore Ravens on Monday night. I know this team has their issues, but to open up the season with that huge win gives them a boost. The offense looked kinda stingy at times with most of the passes going the way of Darren Waller. However, Ruggs and Edwards picked up the slack down the road along with Jacobs and Drake helping as well. The defense was the shining star here with Nassib and Crosby putting on a clinic for the Ravens. They’ll have another tough challenge ahead when they take on the Pittsburgh Steelers.


New England Patriots (0-1)

Previous Rank – 14

The Patriots suffered a tough loss here to the Miami Dolphins this past week. They were driving down the way, and then all of a sudden Damien Harris coughs up the ball. Overall, the Pats are doing fine, but this divisional loss will sting them as they try to make another trip to the Super Bowl. The offense looked good, but despite an interception, the defense had its flaws in this one which really set them back. They’ll look to get a win when they face off against the New York Jets this week.


Miami Dolphins (1-0)

Previous Rank – 18

The Dolphins (despite in my mind not earning it) came up with a big win over the Patriots. Honestly, Tua didn’t look that great, but it was a win, and honestly that’s all that matters. Waddle looked good, and now they get Will Fuller back in the lineup as well as he comes back from his suspension. The defense did decent, and ultimately decided the game when they forced Damien Harris to fumble the ball. This team has to put trust in Tua, and he’ll look to prove that trust when he and the Dolphins face the Buffalo Bills this week.


Tennessee Titans (0-1)

Previous Rank – 12

This was a tough one to watch man. The defense was swiss cheese, the offensive line wasn’t in existence, Julio Jones didn’t do much, and Derrick Henry couldn’t get anything going on the ground. Problems arise early for the Titans, and let’s not forget that Tannehill got sacked six times, but five of them were from Chandler Jones. An unreal game for Tennessee. They’ll look to bounce back as they face the Seattle Seahawks this week.


Los Angeles Chargers (1-0)

Previous Rank – 13

Despite their win, the Chargers stay put at the 13th spot on the power rankings. Justin Herbert struggled a bit which is fine given how good this defense is, but the Chargers defense almost let this one slip them. Keenan Allen was a target monster as always, Mike Williams looked good and healthy, Jared Cook did well, and Austin Ekeler scored a touchdown despite almost missing the game with a hamstring issue. This team should do well this week though as they take on the Dallas Cowboys.


Green Bay Packers (0-1)

Previous Rank – 4

Yikes man. What the hell was this game? The Packers were essentially blown out by the New Orleans Saints in unbelievable fashion. Aaron Rodgers without a doubt had the worst game of his entire career throwing no touchdowns and two interceptions. Aaron Jones and Davante Adams were non factors in this one, and their defense got absolutely shredded by Jameis Winston. Now, it is only one game, but you have to imagine that there might be some concerns. They’ll look to erase this loss with a matchup against the Detroit Lions this week.


New Orleans Saints (1-0)

Previous Rank – 15

Jameis is back baby. In impressive fashion, Winston put on a clinic passing for five touchdowns against the Packers. It goes to show that the Saints made the right choice at the quarterback position. Kamara did well on the ground, receivers were catching touchdowns left and right, and the defense made Aaron Rodgers their bitch. All good things were given as the Saints and Jameis ate a nice big ol’ W. They’ll look to keep it going as they’ll face the Carolina Panthers this week.


Arizona Cardinals (1-0)

Previous Rank – 11

Arizona looked like a monster out there destroying everything in its path. Overall, this was a great win to start the season. Kyler Murray was unstoppable yet again, Hopkins looked like a beast, Christian Kirk was able to come out of his shell, and the defense was amazing with six sacks (five of them coming from Chandler Jones). The thing that worries me a little bit about this team is the run game. It was okay, but not great. They’ll look to add another win when they take on the Minnesota Vikings this week.


Baltimore Ravens (0-1)

Previous Rank – 5

Granted, the Ravens kept this one close, but they still lost to a huge underdog here in the Las Vegas Raiders. Their offense was deflated at times, their defense led up a bunch of big plays, and the offensive line was decimated by the pass rush. Lamar fumbled the ball three times losing two of them, and overall it was just a horrible way to start the season. They better get themselves on track because this week they’ll face a familiar enemy in the AFC; the Kansas City Chiefs.


Cleveland Browns (0-1)

Previous Rank – 6

This was a close one man. The Browns came up short however and continue to lose home opener games. Now to be fair, they were facing the Kansas City Chiefs, but they had a chance and didn’t get the job done. Their defense was thrashed by Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce, and Baker didn’t even throw a single touchdown. They relied on the ground game once again with Chubb and Hunt which is good, but it will only get them so far. Also, Jedrick Wills got injured in this one, so we will see how that goes. They’ll look to prove a point when they face the Houston Texans this week.


San Francisco 49ers (1-0)

Previous Rank – 7

The 49ers win, but don’t move up in the rankings for this week. The reason being that they had this game in the bag, but they almost gave it away to a bad team in the Detroit Lions. Mostert is done for the season, and already Brandon Aiyuk is having issues with his own injury. This team has to prove they are elite because Jimmy G’s spot is on the line with Trey Lance even throwing a touchdown pass in this one. They’ll look to keep the train rolling when they take on the Philadelphia Eagles.


Buffalo Bills (0-1)

Previous Rank – 3

The Bills drop a tough week one loss here to the Pittsburgh Steelers. This team started off hot, but sizzled out when it came time to finish the job. The flaws here in my mind were the offensive line struggling with the pass rush, receivers dropping balls, and the nonexistent run game. Josh Allen did all he could, but in the end the Pittsburgh Steelers prevailed. They’ll look to get their first win when they take on the Miami Dolphins this week.


Pittsburgh Steelers (1-0)

Previous Rank – 10

What a monumental win going into the season. In a game where everyone had the Bills winning, the Steelers pulled off an incredible comeback win to silence the haters. The defense was astounding in this one as TJ Watt and Melvin Ingram dominated in the pass rush. The Steelers receivers did their job in running routes and catching the balls thrown to them, and a blocked punt for a touchdown to boot. Yes, Najee struggled, but this offensive line is still finding its legs, and the Bills are pretty good defensively. They’ll look to prove this win wasn’t a fluke when they take on an unexpected challenger; the Las Vegas Raiders.


Seattle Seahawks (1-0)

Previous Rank – 9

Russ be cookin’ boys. Russell Wilson was amazing in his week one matchup against the Indianapolis Colts throwing for four touchdown passes. It will remain to be seen if they can keep this going though. The defense struggled a bit, Chris Carson continued to fumble balls, and the offensive line continues to be leaky. However, Russell Wilson keeps this team in games. The offense will look to keep balling out, and the defense will look to improve when the Seahawks take on the Tennessee Titans this week.


Los Angeles Rams (1-0)

Previous Rank – 8

You couldn’t ask for a more perfect performance from Matt Stafford this past week. While the Bears may not be an “elite defense” anymore, they are still a decent one, and yet Stafford threw three touchdown passes against them. Henderson got a touchdown on the ground as well, and their defense continues to hold quarterbacks in check. The rushing defense may need some work, but overall this was a fabulous performance from the Rams. They will look to keep the momentum going when they face the Colts this week.


Kansas City Chiefs (1-0)

Previous Rank – 2

The Chiefs continue to show why their offense is one of the best in the entire NFL. Mahomes did his job which is slinging the ball to both Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill. Their defense struggled at first against the Browns, but when it came down to it, the Chiefs were able to come away with a victory. They’ll face another AFC North giant this weekend when they’ll meet the Ravens Sunday night. Honestly, not too much else to say here. The Chiefs are the Chiefs.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-0)

Previous Rank – 1

Brady and the Bucs showed no sign of letting up after their Super Bowl win as they were able to put away the Dallas Cowboys last Thursday. Overall, the offense continued to show with Brown, Godwin, and Gronk all catching touchdowns. Brady despite throwing two picks was just as sharp as ever with his throws and connections. The run game and the defense however were a little disappointing with Ronald Jones fumbling, and the defense let up a generous amount of points. They’ll look to add more wins to their column when they take on the Atlanta Falcons this week.

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