Want to Win Some Money? Check Out These NFL Bets for Week 2

The most wonderful time of the year is back! Football season is here, which means Austin is back with his hot takes of start em and sit em’s, Deke is here thinking he is the supreme fantasy football player, Smalls thinks because he won the league 1 time he’s automatically going to win it again, Dre is actually on time to the start of a Steelers game, Vo is back thinking about what Jones he wants to play, Josh is out here deciding what Browns player he wants to play since he drafted the whole team, and Steph is putting all of her faith into spinning the wheel on all fantasy football decisions.

Before I get into what betting action we have for week 2 of the NFL season, I just wanted to give you all a glimpse of the thrashing I put on Vo in the first week of fantasy football. The Quarterback Carousel was a complete and utter failure in week 1. I don’t know what is worse, the fact that he couldn’t break 100 points, or the fact that I still have Lamar Jackson left to play and make that 50 point lead I have even more. Anyway, good try Vo, better luck next week.

The Quarterback Carousel absolutely failing Vo in Week 1 of the football season.

Now lets get to the reason you are all here. LETS WIN SOME MONEY!!! Week 1 of the NFL season saw some big surprises that may have ruined everyone’s betslips. I know for a fact mine was absolutely decimated, but thats why we are here to bounce back and get paid.

Lets start off with tonight’s Ravens/Raiders game. This is all a same game parlay.

Monday Night Football Sept 13 same game parlay

Next, here are a few moneyline parlay’s for the week 2 NFL games

7 Team Moneyline parlay for week 2 NFL games
12 team week 2 NFL Moneyline Parlay

Last but not least… the big boy bet that could bring you $2000 from a $2 bet…

11 team Over/under and spread week 2 NFL Parlay

I take no responsibility on how you choose to make bets/wagers. but this is just my opinion on how I think the games are going to turn out. Happy Betting!

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