The Rank King’s Reign Returns

Hear thee, Hear thee! The Rank King’s Fantasy Football team is back for more chaos and destruction!

It has been a few moons since last football season, but the time is now, and the beatdowns are coming. Last year, the odds were stacked against me from the start with essentially the entire league coming for my throat. The league is just as competitive as ever, and this year is no different. The King is here and he is ready to take home another crown to add to his own; a fantasy football championship.

Which brings me to my opponent for week one; Ryan Mitchell. A man who last year took it upon his own to discredit a lot of my picks and draft methods. He and I have very different methods of fantasy football. Mine include winning games while his include reaching on players and making wrong bets. Ryan my friend, it doesn’t matter if Brady got you a good start, the Rank King is handing you a beatdown in week one.

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