The TFTB Fantasy Football League

This League. A statement that has taken a large portion of culture over with a simple statement that carries the sentiment of fans that came before us. A sentence so powerful it transcends traditional leagues, finding its way into every day conversations and topics that traditionally do not contain a “league”. This. League.

The TFTB Fantasy Football League is a dormant monster in waiting, a small glimpse into the everyday chaos that is organizing a passion built company from friendships. For years we have implemented statutes, organized punishments and asked for content, yet those requests have fallen on deaf ears.

Not this year. Not this league. This year, the TFTB League will bring utter chaos with a set in stone punishment – if you do not produce content between TUESDAY AND TUESDAY, you get a random player dropped from your roster into the waiver wire Wednesday night. Let me lay out this timetable so no one can cry that they didn’t know.

TUESDAY TO MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL – the “new week starts” on Tuesdays. This one should be simple. Meaning that after the Monday night Football game is over, the new week starts. You have from Tuesday till Monday to produce MEANINGFUL AND PURPOSEFUL CONTENT FOR TFTB. I had said to everyone, let me know if you have an idea you want to bounce, and one person (ONE)(1) reached out, making me believe honestly that a number of others didn’t put any thought into it. Here’s a list of unacceptable content ideas that I am just throwing out there knowing that they will happen;

You cannot post a selfie video of you talking the about your matchup

You cannot post an IG story and tag TFTB about your matchup and call that content

You cannot say “well I spoke about it on my show” and call that content

You cannot turn in a blog during or after the Monday night football game and pretend that counts.

No, calling in to Two Beers Deep doesn’t count.

Kinda getting the vibe, right?

Now, the moment you have all been waiting for…the draft order. I apologize, as my adult life has taken over my childish ambition to surpass my expectations on life and I haven’t really thought of a creative way to do this, so we trust the Draft Day randomizer! Yippiee!! What that means is everyone was put into a randomizer and I pressed it not once, not twice but three whole times. I would have just let ESPN decide, but that kills the vibe of this blog. Without further ado, the official TFTB Fantasy Football league draft order.

12. Tom

11. Vo

10. Ben

9. Steph

8. Elsass & Chip

7. Malek

6. Ryan

5. Dre

4. Dennis

3. Smalls

2. Austin


Look bitches, before you complain look at the screenshot below. “YOU HAVE RANDOMIZED THIS LIST 3 TIMES.” If you know anything about me, my integrity, or Draft Day, you’d know that Two Beers it the limit, but 3 Times if the max.

Let’s have a day.

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