Moorhead’s Power Rankings – Week 1

Ladies and gentlemen. The Power Rankings are officially back in business. The RankKing is here to provide you with which teams are doing great in the NFL and which teams are absolute trash. I always love doing and this appreciate feedback people. That’s how we do it here at TFTB. As always, there is some controversy, but it wouldn’t be if there wasn’t any of that.


Houston Texans

With officially naming Tyrod the starting quarterback, it is now clear Watson will not be playing for the Texans. They’ll likely sit him out to be traded. This team however is an overall mess man. They have a committee of like 100 different running backs, a terrible defense, and Brandin Cooks. They will have one shot at a win this week though as they take on the Jacksonville Jaguars. This team is going to be on the losing end all season, so last sounds about right to me.


Detroit Lions

It is crazy how close the Lions and Texans are in terms of talent cause they have little to none man. They really downgraded at quarterback, their running back room is becoming concerning, they have no actual wide receivers to use, and their defense isn’t the best. They’ll be lucky to win three games this year honestly. This week won’t be one of those however. They’ll take on the San Francisco 49ers this week.


Jacksonville Jaguars

This team is still in the promise land with landing Trevor Lawrence, but there was a lot of demolition work done to get here. Letting go of Minshew was a mistake to me honestly, Travis Etienne is done for the year, and Tim Tebow got cut. All these things made me excited to actually watch the Jaguars, and just like that it was thrown all away. This team has some questionable coaching decisions, and I don’t really know if I believe in them. They’ll face the Texans in their opener.


Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals chose weapons over offensive line. I am not sure how this plays out for Joe Burrow who will likely be scrambling for his life. Chase is an interesting add given his connection to Burrow, but there are already dropping concerns to worry about. I don’t expect a lot out of the Bengals this season. However, they might have a nice matchup on paper this week when they take on the Minnesota Vikings.


New York Jets

The Jets might actually be looking better this season. Time will tell. New quarterback Zach Wilson has actually done pretty well in the preseason. It is hard to say what this team will be going to do moving forward. However, they added a nice weapon in Corey Davis who is becoming a favorite target of Zach Wilson. Their running back room is a little sketchy, and their defense has their issues, but honestly this could be a good team this year. They’ll face the Carolina Panthers in their week one opener.


Carolina Panthers

Sam Darnold is now the face that runs the place with Teddy Bridgewater making his exit to Denver. This team has a lot to be hype about this year. McCaffrey is back, their defense is still young and strong, and Darnold should be much better under center. The offense should move a lot smoother hoping that Christian stays healthy in the running game. They will have an enticing match when Danrold faces his old team in the New York Jets.


Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles are in a similar situation to some other teams such as the Lions, Jaguars, and Texans when it comes to coaching. I m concerned if Jalen Hurts can develop the right way with the little amount of talent around him. Honestly, only three names come to mind; Miles Sanders, Devonta Smith, and Dallas Goedert. I am not really high on the Eagles this season. They’ll have an interesting matchup for him to to thrive in when they face the Atlanta Falcons and their terrible defense.


Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta is gonna be an interesting team this year without Julio Jones. The additions of Kyle Pitts and Mike Davis to this offense will be a curious duo that will try to help Calvin Ridley out being the number one wide receiver. The defense is still going to need some work here which makes me believe this team will try to rely on keeping up with the offense in shootouts. Matt Ryan is getting older, and I just don’t know if they can do it anymore. They’ll look to prove it when they face the Eagles this weekend.


Las Vegas Raiders

The Raiders believe that they are going to do well this season. I don’t believe they are. Their receiving game isn’t the best aside from Darren Waller, their defense might take a hit this season, their offensive line went from great to poor, and the run game is unknown due to the signing of Kenyan Drake. Honestly, the Raiders are gonna be a wild card this season, but I am just not sure they are going to do well. They’ll look to prove me wrong against a hard opponent in the Baltimore Ravens.


New York Giants

The Giants are a tough one for me to judge this season. For one thing, they signed a bunch of offensive talent including Kenny Golladay, Kyle Rudolph, and newly drafted Kadarius Toney. However, some would say this is Daniel Jones’s last straw to be the starting quarterback of the New York Giants. They have plenty of draft capital after agreeing to swap places with Chicago for them to take Justin Fields. Who knows though? Barkley is back and this defense is starting to step up. They’ll have to go through the Broncos this week in order to prove me right.


Denver Broncos

Speaking of the Broncos, they show up next on our power rankings here. After the quarterback battle, Teddy Bridgewater earned his spot as the starting quarterback. Things look to be heading into the right direction for them. They drafted two stars in cornerback Patrick Surtain and Javonte Williams, they get Bradley Chubb back on the defense, and they also get back star receiver Courtland Sutton. They’ll look to make their case this week when they face the New York Giants.


Chicago Bears

The Bears have good things in their future with quarterback Justin Fields. However, it seems like Andy Dalton is still gonna be their starting quarterback heading into week one. The team is in for a rough week one matchup against the Los Angeles Rams. Their defense is one to be feared with Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey. The offense will have to do its best, but honestly it is the defense I am worried about. Their secondary took a big hit when they released Fuller, and teams won’t be afraid to throw on them this season. So Khalil Mack better be ready cause he’s the best thing that defense has going for them.


Indianapolis Colts

The Colts almost gave us a scare with the Carson Wentz and Quentin Nelson injuries, but it looks like both of them will be ready to go for week one. This team however still lost T.Y. Hilton for some time and the running back situation there looks very committee driven despite Jonathan Taylor putting up great numbers last season. It will come down to Wentz and this defense to determine how well this team does this season. They’ll have their first opportunity when they face the Seattle Seahawks this week.


Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings in my opinion are not shaping up to look great this season. Their defense worries me with how they played in the preseason, and look I get it. I know it’s preseason, but man they gave up a lot of yards and points. The offense should still do its thing with Cousins, Cook, Jefferson, and Thielen, but the tight end position got thrown through a loop when Irv Smith got ruled out for the season. We will see, but this is looking like a shootout team this season. Let’s hope that Cousins doesn’t let the bright lights affect him this season. They’ll face the Browns in week one.


Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins have a tough matchup in week one when they take on the New England Patriots. All of their defensive players that sat out last year are back, and they are looking to prove a point to the AFC East. The Dolphins offense will be looking to prove better this season by acquiring both Will Fuller and rookie Jaylen Waddle. However, Fuller will miss the game due to a suspension. The defense has to step up and stop Mac Jones and the Patriots in order to call themselves a contender and a believer in Tua for the year.


Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys were one of the worst teams last year in the NFL. However, they had a multitude of injuries including quarterback Dak Prescott. They were going to be higher on this list, but with Zack Martin being ruled out because of COVID, they will have a tough time in defending against the Tampa Bay defense. Their defense aside from Micha Parsons did not get much better either, so defending against Brady and the Bucs offense will be a tough one to overcome in the first game of the NFL season.


Washington Football Team

The Washington Football Team won the division last year, and will be looking to repeat and go beyond expectations. There is no reason why they shouldn’t. They just better hope they made the right decision at quarterback in Ryan Fitzpatrick. The defense will keep doing its thing and continue to be one of the most dominant forces in stopping offenses. You also have Gibson and McLaurin who will continue to their job on the offense. They will have a tough task in facing the Chargers this week, but I am hoping they will get it done.


New Orleans Saints

The Saints are in a tough spot already this season as they will be without Michael Thomas for a majority of the season. It will be up to one Jameis Winston to keep the rails on track who won the starting quarterback job over Taysom Hill. They still have Alvin Kamara, and their defense is still a good one to rely on. However, their first match doesn’t look good on paper as they’ll have to go up against Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers.


New England Patriots

The Patriots round into the 14th spot here based a lot on their gameplay and defense coming back after sitting out from COVID last season. Don’t get me wrong, the offense should do well with new rookie quarterback Mac Jones under center after releasing Cam Newton. The additions on offense also make this team a formidable threat with tight ends Jonnu Smith and Hunter Henry as well as new wideouts Nelson Agholor and Kendrick Bourne. They will put all of this to the test when they face divisional rival Miami this week.


Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers are being viewed as a solid threat this season, and why wouldn’t they be? Justin Herbert demolished prior records and had the best rookie season as a quarterback ever. Count on Austin Ekeler and Keenan Allen to do their thing. The defense should be good as long as Derwin James can stay healthy. Rashawn Slater should also have a good amount of talent in protecting Justin Herbert. We will see how good that offensive line is because the Chargers’ first challenge is the Washington Football Team.


Tennessee Titans

Tennessee is a team that got much better on the offensive track as they signed Julio Jones as their number two wide receiver behind A.J. Brown. They still have Derrick Henry to run the ball and Ryan Tannehill to throw it. Their defense however got worse. This is for sure a shoot-out team and who knows how that will affect the running lanes for Derrick Henry. The defense does get a couple promising individuals including rookie Caleb Farley if he can stay healthy, and Bud Dupree. The Titans will have a good matchup when they face the Arizona Cardinals in week one.


Arizona Cardinals

Speaking of Arizona, they spent a lot in free agency which means they are preparing for win now mode. With the signings of JJ Watt, Harrison Reddick, Malcolm Butler, James Conner, AJ Green, and rookie linebacker Zaven Collins, the team is preparing for what lies ahead of their schedule. Murray still can ball out and do his thing. It also doesn’t hurt to have the best wide receiver in the game with DeAndre Hopkins. This division is not gonna be easy, but if the cards are played right then good things will happen. Their first challenge will be a good one when they take on the Tennessee Titans.


Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh is a team that people are already writing off, but you I say shut up. This Steelers team can find a lot of success if they are schemed properly. The defense is getting all their starters back minus Bud Dupree. The offense has a new running back in rookie Najee Harris who is here to win and win now. Yes, the offensive line has some question marks. Yes, Big Ben is 39 years old. Yes, JuJu is still JuJu. However, you can never doubt Mike Tomlin and this team. They will have a tough matchup unfortunately when they take on the Buffalo Bills week one.


Seattle Seahawks

Seattle definitely has some things to work on in the offensive line and defensive department. However, it is really hard to doubt Russell Wilson and his ability to keep this team alive. The Seahawks also have a great receiving duo of Metcalf and Lockett, and Chris Carson is still running the ball. Things might be shaky in Seattle this year, but they have a decent matchup against the Colts to get them going strong.


Los Angeles Rams

The Rams have a new quarterback in Stafford. They get a nice enticing matchup against Chicago in week one. Their defense is still elite with Donald and Ramsey. The only thing that scares me about them is their run game. Henderson is still questionable for week one, and they brought Sony Michel in as well. All things considered, the Rams should be a great in this matchup against a Chicago team that looks really bad in the secondary.


San Francisco 49ers

San Francisco has some good things heading their way. Jimmy G will likely start the season with Trey Lance coming in to finish the job down the stretch. They get a lot of talent back from injuries this past season, and should ready to go for a big comeback year. They will have an easy victory ahead of them when they face a very dismantled Detroit Lions team. They should run through Detroit with no problems.


Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns found themselves in a nice setting last year getting into an AFC playoff game against the Chiefs. They have a great team moving forward, and honestly the Clowney signing was more about getting another body to take pressure off Myles Garrett for the first time in his career. Baker should still be taking a back seat and let his running backs Chubb and Hunt do a good bit of work behind the best offensive line in football. The defense might show some promise this year, but who knows. They have a rematch with Kansas City to open up the season.


Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore has been trying to address issues all offseason. They equipped Lamar with receivers in veteran Sammy Watkins and drafted rookie Rashod Bateman. Sadly, Bateman will miss half the season because of an injury, and running back JK Dobbins will miss the entire season after tearing his ACL. It might be a rough start for Baltimore, but their defense should keep them in check, and Lamar’s connection with tight end Mark Andrews is still strong. They get a very enticing matchup against the Las Vegas Raiders on Monday.


Green Bay Packers

Green Bay lands Aaron Rodgers for another year. This will likely be his last season with the team, and they should make the most of it. The Packers have a great offense with Aaron Jones and Davante Adams, and their defense still has its issues on the run, but with Jaire Alexander in the secondary it should be better. The Packers have a competitive matchup against the Saints to start off the season. It should be exciting to watch.


Buffalo Bills

The Bills get into the top three as I believe they are a team that could make a Super Bowl run this year. They gained another good receiver in Emmanuel Sanders when they lost John Brown. The running back department is still in question with Singletary and Moss, but Josh Allen makes up for it with his rushing ability. The defense is still elite, and overall this is a pretty solid team. They’ll have a tough challenge week one though as they take on the Pittsburgh Steelers.


Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs sit as the runner-up. There are no surprises here. The Chiefs are still a legitimate Super Bowl contender, and with Patrick Mahomes anything is possible. Their team didn’t much different from last year, so they should be able to pick up where they left off by winning a lot of games. They will have a decent challenger in week one as they have a rematch with the Cleveland Browns.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Brady and the Bucs are coming off a Super Bowl win from last season, and they should haven’t anything stopping them anytime soon. They were able to retain everybody from their team last year, and they were able to draft a great talent to put on the defense in Joe Tryon. Overall, this team is great, and they should be great going into this season. They should have no trouble for week one as they take on the Dallas Cowboys and their terrible secondary.

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