Just The Way We Planned It

Well, well, well here we are. Are you listening yet? Do you believe me yet? I told you last week this would happen. And sure enough here we are. Before we get into the details lets star with this.

This happened at the start of the 2nd quarter, then the Bucks went on a 30-9 run. As long as we have Dana Beers and David Bakhtiari we can’t lose. Imagine the Suns in 4 guy and Guy Fieri going up against these two mammoths.

2nd Quarter

This was going to happen. Because it has happened in every other series. The Bucks come home put it all together and blowout their opponents in game 3. The home environment allows them to put it all together. The defense the offense and most importantly GET TO THE PAINT!

That entire highlight reel there is green under their feet. This is the type of game they have to play to win. This is the way the team is designed, this is how they will beat the Suns. By being bigger, meaner, and forcing the under sized Suns team to stop them in the paint.

This entire play is literally the formula working at its peak. The Suns best player gets bullied and the boys break down the other way and Bobby yeets the ball into next week. Speaking of which.

Bobby Portis Jr.

When the Bucks lost game 5 to the Nets I was critical of Coach Bud for not using Bobby Portis. He could have helped change the tide.

So when the Bucks lost in game 2 to the Suns, I noticed a common denominator. Bobby only played 4 minutes and 39 seconds. Game 3 against the Suns the man played over 18 minutes.

He inserts energy, hustle, and he plays the game the right way. He plays the way the Bucks have to play to win. This man has to play 10 plus minutes a night if the Bucks are to win this series.

What a human.

The Big 3

Also these guys were nuts last night.

Giannis is now in this insane group of only Hall of Famers who have recorded back to back 40 point performances in the finals. Also they all won the finals the year they pulled it off sooooooooooooooo thats awkward for Devin Booker.


We know the Bucks won’t win the next 3 games by 20. Hell, they won’t even win the next 3 games. This thing is ticketed for 7 no doubt. But they will win game 4, and game 6.

The ting that last night proved is that the Bucks can do this to good teams. The Heat, Nets, Hawks and now Suns have all had the moment in a series where their best player is sitting on the bench with a pouty face wondering where it all went wrong.

When the Bucks play as a team, in the paint, and aggressively they are the best team in the league. So if you are asking me can the Bucks play that way 3 more times? My answer is yes. Can the Suns recapture their momentum from the first two games? It would take a road win in Milwaukee to do so, where the Bucks are 8-1 in these playoffs.

So let me say it one more time for the people in the back. Bucks in 7.

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