Ranking and Reviewing Bilmuri’s Eggy Pocket

I have been meaning to do this for such a long time because as much of a big Dance Gavin Dance fan I am, I happen to be a rising fan of this group; Bilmuri

At the center core of it all is the former clean vocalist and guitarist of Attack Attack; Johnny Franck. This one man has given me a lot of smiles throughout his musical journey. Whether it is his weird and over the top edited music videos or if it is the fact that he doesn’t space any of his words together in any song, all of it is creative. Not just that man, but the music itself is unique in its own right. Incorporating so many different styles always keeping the listener on their toes to experience a full fledged rollercoaster ride. I have a genuine appreciation for this style of music, and overall ability of how Johnny conducts himself, haves fun with it, and lets everything go loose and wild the way he wants it.

So yes, today I am going to be reviewing and ranking Bilmuri’s latest project; Eggy Pocket. I might be a little late to this party, but this is the best EP Bilmuri has put out…literally ever. It took a lot for me to say that just based on how I thought Rich Sips and wet milk did. So let’s get right into the mayhem and mischief this seven-track Ep does for me man!


The fourth track of Eggy Pocket takes the first entry on this review and ranking. This song does a lot of interesting things that have been used before in past Bilmuri tracks. For instance, we hear the saxophone ring through our ears in the chorus after being seduced by a decent synth cord progression. The vocals are good, and overall this song is nice, but it kind of ends abruptly. It just doesn’t give me the same vibes as some other songs do on this EP (but I still freaking love it).

6.) E G G

Crooked root, bitter view. It doesn’t have to make sense in order for simple words to get a simple man. The final track off of Eggy Pocket; E G G does a good job at closing out the project with a wonderful combination of guitar solos and wonderful vocals from Johnny. It doesn’t try to do anything outrageous or crazy because it knows its the final jam of this EP. Instead of stealing the show, it closes it out, and I can appreciate that!


The second song off this EP starts hot and heavy with our first screams introduced, and man they are delivered with power here. Overall, there are a few things as to why this song makes it above E G G and POSTALMONDCLARITY. For one thing, in the middle of the song we are introduced to sort of a vibing wave of synth that is seemingly guiding us to something more interesting. Sure enough during a breakdown, a piccolo flute I believe is played. I had to listen to it right after to make sure I wasn’t hearing anything strange, but nope it was there. I loved every second of it.


The sixth track of this Ep comes in fourth place as this song delivered on so many levels. The ability of this song to be so chill and then turn so hard at the end. Think of just a nice sunny day and you are driving your car. The wind is in your hair, the weather isn’t humid, and everything is peaceful. Then all of a sudden, random lightning strikes your car, the sun is gone, it is a ferocious storm you are now in. What a twist right? I appreciate songs that can do this, and honestly the chorus slaps, the breakdown is nasty, and at the end, the sun comes out again, and you are carried away by the sound of a flute. Brilliant.


Man this song is so freaking good man, and I had to abstain from putting this any higher due to my Dance Gavin Dance obsession because yes, Jon Mess brings his brilliant vocabulary to this track. They are also joined by Rory Rodriguez; the lead singer of Dayseeker. I always knew before listening to this one, that this song was going to be high on a list if I rank these songs. This did not disappoint. From the various level beats we get at the beginning of this to the combination of of Johnny and Rory’s vocals to the impressive entrance of Jon Mess, this song is incredible. So let’s say three people on so give it the bronze medal for this!


I know people are probably like of course he picks one of the singles to put on here. How original… Shut up. This song slaps so hard. It’s in your face, the mixes are literally scraping against your ears. The visuals of the music video take away your eyes with ease. Everything about this is interesting, mind-blowing, and exotic. If those things aren’t what you look for in a Bilmuri song, then why do you listen to him? Plus, that freaking country guitar twang solo made me love this even more! Congrats to you Bilmuri! This was freaking awesome and deserves the silver spot!


First off, I love the name of this song so much. I wanna dance and smash some brews to this song with some of my favorite lawn care dads. The song starts off with a very techno groove sample that makes your shoulders just want to bump up and down. The main reason this song gets the gold medal is due to the fact that the chorus might be one of the best choruses I have ever heard from Bilmuri…ever. The flow is incredible, and overall I enjoy this song so freaking much!

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