What 2021 Holds For Sports Fans

Man, 2021 really here huh? Aside from the obvious, 2020 sucked from a pure entertainment perspective let alone the well..pandemic.

Sorts halted ferociously, pausing the roaring 20’s instantly for the everyday human. Sports seasons in jeopardy before they could eve start and talks of bubbles the size of James Harden’s new gut.

I thought about doing a 2020 recap blog but seriously no one asked for that. We had Mickey Mouse rings, more bubbles than the Wizard of Oz and of course, who can forget ending it with Charlie Woods slaying an Eagle next to Papa Tiger.

Man. That’s one year I hope I never remember for obvious reasons, but with every burning ship that dies in the ocean comes a house for little fishy to live in so let’s check out just what exactly 2021 has in store for us!

T-Law Mafia to the NFL

Honest talk, which career felt longer to get to the pros…Trevor Lawrence or LaMelo Ball? Trevor Lawrence took over the starting job at Clemson in 2018 and even that doesn’t seem long enough ago compared how long I feel like I’ve known this cat. Trevor Lawrence has been a bright spot for people during the Pandemic for a number of reasons, the most notably being his use of his platform to help force college athletics back and support the BLM movement. This statement obviously carries a bit more weight than just Lawrence with Justin Fields, Micah Parsons and Ja’Marr Chase joining Trevor in the pros. I guess I should have just wrote the draft? If I get that broad though, why not just say the NFL. Here’s to Louis Riddick getting a GM job!

NBA Stars Return

Love him or hate him, Steph Curry being #back is good for basketball, almost to the point where I can’t believe I watched the bubble ball without him. This cat just threw up a career high shooting for 18/19 because, and I quote “jordan meme. I took that talk personally.” Fuck, that’s the coolest thing Steph’s done since being such a good husband his fans got mad at him because no one hits on his wife. And I thought my relationship (or lack there of) was complicated.

We also get back the Slim Reaper, Durantula, the Snake, KD…whichever ridiculous nickname you use that he didn’t ask us to.

Kevin Durant is full back and man once again, it’s insane to watch basketball with him not in it after his return. This guy isn’t fair. Imagine being 7 foot and it’s all “Look timmy, you’re the center of the team ok?” and then just getting handles and a shot that have no business being inside your 7 ft ass. Also, Luka for MVP. Duh.

NHL Divisional Changes

This was one of the more pure moments on Two Beers Deep last year when Josh and Malek were discussing the changes coming for the NHL divisions. I, being the massive fan I am, was up all night watching Waynze Gretzky highlights so I had missed the fact that these divisional changes were ONLY for this season. Sometimes you just get tossed into a lettuce top shelf blue line youtube hole for 5 minutes (it was major). A

Jokes aside this is wild news for hockey fans everywhere as the entire league is experiencing some pretty big changes with this. For example, we’re locking the Canadian teams up north and they should be big geeked about this. We don’t have a Timmy Horton’s anywhere near Pittsburgh, why would a Canuck want to come to town when they can sip on a hot steam cup of Timmy in the great north?

Real talk, Tim Horton’s was lit. They have two lines, one for quick orders of just coffee or mobile orders and a second line for bigger orders. This is amazing. Everything should operate like this. Voting booths – you just voting Republican / Democrat today? Step to this machine and be quicker. Oh, you just need to cash a check sir? 1st use your phone like a normal person. 2nd, just step right over here.

The NHL's realigned divisions for the 2020-21 season

Thoughts From The Bench

Ohhhhh boy, you thought this was just a generic blog huh? All of my recent blogs have fallen into two seperate categories; 1. TFTB loves its fans or 2. Making fun of sports figures like Dan Orlovsky for being doodoo heads. I had to add in a little promo at the end, no?

This year we have all sorts of new content ideas coming at you, starting with Smalls and Benny Buckets brand new show, The Vault!

I have to hand it to the kids, they wanted this show and they built it out. This nostalgic rollercoaster of a weekly event walks you through some of the greatest jerseys and memorabilia in sports every week with two of the most organically funny guys I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.

Next, and I mean this with all the power in my body…we will have four athletic “big” videos this year. Nothing has brought me more joy than showing people our Wiffle Ball home run derby video and I mean that. The Cornhole tournament video became a saga beyond general consumption which I loved and the Field Goal Kicking competition lives in limbo, but this year we bring back the challenges.

If you think Josh can score on me in any sport, you are doing something that an idiot would do. Don’t do that thing.

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