Checkmate; Going out with Style

So this is it huh? I go out against the 7th seed because he had a lot of really good matchups…not to mention my benching of A.J. Brown did my own undoing. Had I played him I would have won no matter great Derrick Henry’s bitch ass was. I was my own worst enemy in this one. The only thing I need to do is come back next year to be ready to take the crown back. These guys aren’t kings, they’re all peasants!!

However, if this must be my end, I will go out on my terms. My mortal enemy Dennis and I face off this week, and after all the shit talking, it seems as if I am going to beat him not once, but twice. If this must be the best thing I can get out of this league at this point, I’ll take it. Dennis I’ll see you in hell you peasant.

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