Time to win a quick $500. An EPL Parlay you CAN’t Pass up.

Well, I have been on quite the soccer betting hiatus since Covid has turned the EPL upside down. This week some of the major clubs like Liverpool, Manchester City, Arsenal, and Chelsea all dropping points in recent games to teams that are in the bottom half of the table, its hard to wonder if there is any sort of normalcy or sure bets when it comes to betting on soccer. Today, I am determined to hopefully break my losing streak with a $5 parlay that will profit over $500.

All of these games are for today, and there are some good matchups that have a good chance of hitting.

Arsenal have been some hot garbage recently, and with Southampton on a hot streak, it seems that this should be a sure win for Southampton.

Leeds United lost their last two matches, but are set to bounce back against a weak Newcastle team, so I like the odds on Leeds to win that matchup.

Leicester City are on FIRE, and they are showing they deserve to be in the top three of the league table.

Everton has recently started to cool off from their hot streak, showing why they are currently sitting at 8th in the standings.

West Ham United are going to take the victory against Crystal Palace. This is probably the biggest toss up of the matches listed on the parlay, but West Ham is playing well, and are showing why they are in the top 10 of the league table compared to Crystal Palace sitting in 12th.

The last match is Tottenham against Liverpool. Never in my life would I think that I would bet in favor of the “Spursy” spurs, but here we are. Liverpool has a starting 11 of walking wounded players. they are so desperate for defenders it hurts. Tottenham is sitting in first place and Harry Kane and Son show no sign of slowing down. This is a game for Tottenham to distance themselves from Liverpool for first place.

Some of the games start at 1PM EST, so don’t miss your chance to make some quick cash!

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