Game of Jones : time to shut down the Hurt business

This week Game of Jones prepares to fight their biggest battle yet, the battle that is Round 1 of the playoffs. Game of Jones goes up against The Hurt Business who is hungry for a win, but as we all know another lockdown was ordered. Thus, shutting down The Hurt Business is a must!

I won’t lie looking at Moneyline Mitch’s lineup gives me nightmares. I mean he has Patrick Maholmes, Ezekiel Elliot, and Mike Evans. That lineup just gives opponents headaches, however Game of Jones will not go down without a fight.

I’m a huge fan of underdogs, and being the sixth seed going up against the number three seed is just where I want to be. The pressure is on Moneyline Mitch, the question is can you withstand the attack of Game of Jones?

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