What It All Means

All the way back around February, Thoughts From The Bench made a blind leap of faith decision to switch our programming over to Twitch from our comfy cozy Facebook page. The move didn’t officially happen until August with the “Switch to Twitch” taking more prep time than initially anticipated for a few reasons.

For one we had to maintain a certain level of “TFTB” professionalism. The shows were evolving and becoming productions which Greg and Josh had always pushed for. Over the past two years we had solidified our content to our social channels with Two Beers Deep bringing in about 30 real, actual human viewers each week on Facebook.

Second, a global f****** pandemic. In a world where our own issues seem louder than others it’s weird to discuss TFTB’s approach to the pandemic knowing that people out there lost their jobs, lives and loved ones. For us, movement was simple. Talk about our topics over zoom while Josh learned on the fly just how stupid Zoom is. A wonderful experiment of failed show after failed show, the lesson here is that we just kept trying to put shit out regardless of perfection.

Now, 5 months removed from our first show on Twitch we have 5 regularly scheduled programs weekly. The transition of what TFTB is will never really end; it will continue to evolve in some weird ass backwards fashion.

Blogging, Podcasting, Streaming, Gaming, Complaining about how bad you are at Fantasy on our IG page (Shout out Dre) are all avenues of content you can count on TFTB for. You can count on Zach and Boyd yelling at each other for no reason on Monday’s because Zach can’t handle someone walking down the same hallway as him on Among Us. You can count on an army of angry townsfolk screaming from the Twitch Chat that the RankKing completely forgot to include your favorite Nickelodeon Dad, a hilarious concept to even consider, in his ranks. You can count on Justin methodically leading the TFTM crew despite my best efforts in 4 straight weeks to derail the conversation with humor and nonsense, a job of controlling me that he may do better than any others. You can count on the Mitch Money Line to just flat out miss wide left, but gosh darnit we were close…damn the Cowboys. And of course, the regular cast of morons that reside in the studio on Thursdays for Two Beers Deep.

I came to a few of the guys in October with an idea to finally be able to give some life into why I wanted to start the company in the first place. Movember was the perfect entry to understanding that we want to try to mean something. Movember, if you aren’t truly aware, is an organization that brings light to issues such as male mental healthy and overall wellness. In the day to day, especially during a time when we’re spending more time along and at home than ever before, mental health is at the absolute for front of need in terms of things all people need to address. It was an easy entry to a charitable give that had meaning and reason behind TFTB.

Through our Twitch channel which features shows like Two Beers Deep, the RankKings Court, Thoughts From The Movies, Idiot Hour (which has been my stupid face in front of tens of (thousands of) people) and Boondock Bangarang we raised $222.91 for our Movember campaign. I understand the power that TFTB has been able to scrounge up in recent memory, but I can say with the straightest of faces that I did not expect that number to be anywhere near the 200 mark. Our Movember Campaign page alone received $90 with someone accidentaly donating $15 to my page, bringing out Movember page alone up to $105 dollars.

Thank you. Seriously, everyone who viewed, donated, commented, texted me regarding a shitty take or just liked a post. Thank you.

When I try to explain what exactly Twitch is the main question that comes back is “So people just donate money when they could watch for free?” Well, yeah. Twitch accounts are completely free to make and we ask for nothing to enjoy and view our content. We love what we do because it’s hysterical and fun. The dream of TFTB is to make a content machine and I think we’ve bred that from the start. When the money comes it comes, but the purpose is strong.

All in all, thank you to everyone who has donated. We’ve made more than we ever expected to for Movember and will continue to look for purpose as we grow. On the other hand, we made a promise that half of the money for November would also go towards us structuring ourselves as a company with trademarks and an LLC and all that nerdy shit. So, again I say thank you.

We will continue to be idiots, continue to rank stupid things, continue to find Lucy Liu movies worth watching, continue to try to hit that money line and continue to find and empower fellow brands like ours through partnerships till we die. S/O By The Wayside.

And yes, stop asking me. Merch is coming.


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