Game Of Jones: What Is Football?

I’m going to be honest once the Thanksgiving Day matchup between the Steelers and Ravens was postponed, I stopped caring about football this week. I barely watched any football games this weekend besides Pitt vs Clemson (if you want to call that football). However, I did manage to adjust my lineup before the battle with Degenerate Denny.

Game of Jones put up another solid week for the most part, and the Saints defense continued their success.

In fact, they got a total of 14 fantasy points for my squad (thank you again). Heading into last nights Monday Night Football game, the score was 112.72-106.92. Russell Wilson was the only player left to play for Denny’s squad, and that’s never good news.

Wilson squared off against the Philadelphia Eagles, and well I had little hope in the Eagles.

BUT, you never know, maybe Russell Wilson would have a terrible game and cost Denny some points, preferably six. (Didn’t happen).

Game of Jones took the “L”, and it’s onto the next one.

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