only true fans remember

Growing up we all had our favorite television shows. Some of us were Nickelodeon kids, Cartoon Network kids, or Disney kids. I would say I considered myself more of a Nickelodeon kid, but I did watch shows on all of the different cable channels. One Disney show I absolutely loved was the show called, “The Jersey”.

The Jersey debuted in 1999, and was a show about a group of friends who came across an old school football jersey after one of the characters grandfathers passed away. What they didn’t know was that the jersey, was in fact a magical jersey. You’re probably asking yourself, how could a jersey be magical? Well, the old football sweater had the magical power of transporting a person into a professional athletes body, and into the game itself.

Every time someone put the jersey on they were thrown into key moments of classic sports events, ending with the character being victorious. Obviously, this type of thing wouldn’t happen in real life, but as kids we all dreamed about being professional athletes someday. This show made those dreams become a reality for everyone watching, and the shows got to experience life as pro athlete.

The show itself ran for six seasons (64 episodes), and included famous athletes such as Steve Young, Gary Sheffield, Muhammad Ali, Randy Johnson, Tony Hawk, and many more. It was honestly one of my favorite shows, but every time I talk about it everyone looks at me like I’m talking crazy. I even questioned myself and it’s existence, because I couldn’t find it on Disney+. However, I did find some episodes on YouTube and watched a few the other day. The quality was absolutely terrible, but I had to prove to myself the show actually existed and I wasn’t losing my mind.

Hopefully Disney+ will end up adding this series to their collection, but until then I suggest checking it out on YouTube if you don’t remember it or just want to relive your childhood memories.

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