Moorhead’s NFL Power Rankings – Week 12


New York Jets (0-10)

Previous Rank – 32

The Jets lost yet another game and are the first team to be eliminated from playoff contention. Sad to see, but their team is hot garbage. Joe Flacco and the offense couldn’t do anything to get the team their first win. The defense also didn’t do jack shit in trying to stop Herbert and the Chargers offense. It was a bad sighting from the Jets, and with being eliminated, they will try to get at least one win this season. They’ll look to do that when they face the Miami Dolphins this week.


Jacksonville Jaguars (1-9)

Previous Rank – 31

The Jaguars took a hard loss from the Steelers as rookie quarterback Jake Luton threw four interceptions and got crushed by the defense. Big Ben also dialed up and found Chase Claypool and Eric Ebron which killed the defense. The Jaguars are in a real pickle, and they are competing with the Jets at this point for the first pick. The Jaguars will face the Cleveland Browns this weekend.


Cincinnati Bengals (2-7-1)

Previous Rank – 26

Well the Bengals are in trouble now ladies and gents. Joe Burrow has torn his ACL and MCL, and he will miss the remainder of the 2020 season. The kid was incredible and one of the Bengals’ best quarterbacks ever. Sadly he is out and Finley is in and a matchup against a decent Giants defense doesn’t get my hopes up for this team this week.


Atlanta Falcons (3-7)

Previous Rank – 22

I’ll never understand how Atlanta’s offense can be so hot one week and so cold the next week. It blows my mind really. The Falcons defense got torched by Taysom Hill, and Matt Ryan was awful throwing two interceptions. The Falcons are not in a good position right now as they look to take on the Las Vegas Raiders this weekend.


Dallas Cowboys (3-7)

Previous Rank – 30

Call me crazy here, but the Cowboys kind of looked like their old selves when they faced and beat the Vikings this past week. It wasn’t anything special, but they got the win against a Vikings team that was starting to show promise. They’ll have a short week when they play the Washington Football Team on Thanksgiving.


Washington Football Team (3-7)

Previous Rank – 29

The Washington Football Team was able to get by with a dominant win here over the Bengals, but a lot of it could be deemed towards the Joe Burrow injury. Regardless, they are staying alive in a shitty division, and they’ll look to beat Dallas on Thanksgiving this Thursday.


Houston Texans (3-7)

Previous Rank – 28

Watson came alive for this one that’s for sure lighting up the Patriots defense with three total touchdowns on the day. He singlehandedly took Houston to its third victory and they are poised to make a fourth one here facing the Detroit Lions this Thanksgiving Thursday.


Los Angeles Chargers (3-7)

Previous Rank- 27

The duo of Herbert and Allen is starting to look frightening for a lot of teams. Take the Jets for example as they got crushed by the passing attack as Herbert was able to find Allen 16 times for 145 yards and a score. We will see if this continues when they face the Bills this weekend.


Philadelphia Eagles (3-6-1)

Previous Rank – 23

I wish I could move these guys down more out of spite, but I’m being professional and only dropping them one here. Man this team just can’t seem to get it together here. Wentz struggled against the Browns tossing two interceptions along with his two touchdowns, and the Browns defense dominated him all game. The Eagles will take on the Seahawks this weekend.


New York Giants (3-7)

Previous Rank – 24

It’s not common for me to move a team up after their bye week, but their coach is starting to impress me and Philly needed to move down after that poor performance. Right now though, the Giants will need to pull together all their main pieces as they’ll take on the disgruntled Bengals this weekend.


Denver Broncos (4-6)

Previous Rank – 25

Ask me how Denver was able to come away with a win on the Dolphins? Defense would be the answer, but man this was so weird. The Broncos hammered the ball on the run with both Lindsay and Gordon getting over 80 yards on the ground (Gordon had two scores as well). The defense also took Tua out of the game and brought back Ryan Fitzpatrick to show the kid how to lose in style. The Broncos while impressive have a big task on hand when they face the Saints this weekend.


Detroit Lions (4-6)

Previous Rank – 18

Yikes man. Just as I start believing Detroit to be on the right track, they get blown out by the Panthers. Stafford was off all game and not having Golladay, Amendola, or Swift was probably a big reason why this team absolutely was awful last weekend. The defense also let P.J. Walker go down the field on them multiple times. They’ll have to do a lot better when they face the Texans this Thanksgiving Thursday.


San Francisco 49ers (4-6)

Previous Rank – 20

The 49ers come off their bye week looking to finally try to get ahead of the injury bug and get a win. In order to do that though, they’ll have to face and beat the Los Angeles Rams who just got a victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It will be interesting to see how the 49ers will be able to beat the Rams given their injury bug that they just can’t shake. We will have to see this weekend though.


New England Patriots (4-6)

Previous Rank – 19

I chose not to move the Patriots because honestly this was a real nail biter of a game where anything could have went north or south at any point. Newton passed for nearly 400 yards which we rarely see, and now they look to shake the loss by trying to get a victory over the Arizona Cardinals this weekend. It will be interesting to see at the very least.


Carolina Panthers (4-7)

Previous Rank – 21

So the Panthers were just like “Okay, no Teddy? no problem”. They killed the Lions in this game, and granted P.J. Walker didn’t do great, but he still did decent, and apparently that is all you need to be to beat the Detroit Lions; Decent. Man, a crazy game to say the least. They’ll face the Minnesota Vikings this weekend.


Minnesota Vikings (4-6)

Previous Rank – 16

Minnesota what are you doing man? You had to lose to the Cowboys of all teams, in the shape they are in? Man the defense completely crumbled in this one, and I don’t want to say gave up, but that is basically what happened. It wasn’t the offense’s fault as Cousins threw three touchdowns (two to Thielen, one to Jefferson). Come on guys. This was bad, but they’ll face the Panthers this weekend.


Chicago bears (5-5)

Previous Rank – 17

Again, I hate moving teams up on bye weeks, and honestly I don’t think Chicago deserves it, but here we are. Nick Foles is likely not to play which might mean the return of Mitch Trubisky. Chicago’s problem has been their lack luster offense. It will be interesting to see if they can muster up anything good when they face the Packers this weekend.


Las Vegas Raiders (6-4)

Previous Rank – 14

All you had to do was show up in the last minute Las Vegas. That is all you had to do, but sadly you let Travis Kelce score in the endzone untouched and uncovered. I really really like this team, but the stupid shit that happens like this irritates me to no end. Hopefully, they can get back on the winning track when they face the terrible Atlanta Falcons this weekend.


Miami Dolphins (6-4)

Previous Rank – 10

I am not sure what happened here. What was supposed to be a for sure win made its way into the loss column against a Denver team that was struggling so much. Yet the defense held Tua in check enough that he was bench for Fitzpatrick. Just a weird turn of events, and it affects their overall ranking as they will drop four spots and look to “prepare” for the New York Jets this weekend.


Arizona Cardinals (6-4)

Previous Rank – 11

The Cardinals also take a step back after taking a loss to the Seattle Seahawks this past Thursday. Murray came a bit a bit dinged up with an AC joint sprain in his shoulder, but overall, the Cardinals are optimistic about him playing this weekend which is good because they face the Patriots this weekend.


Baltimore Ravens (6-4)

Previous Rank – 9

Not sure what the deal is here, but the Ravens come away with another loss, and this one was personal as the Titans were the ones to eliminate them from the playoffs last year. The Titans with Derrick Henry paved their way to victory over the Ravens yet again. Baltimore now finds themselves with some COVID cases, a shortened week against Pittsburgh, and some offensive and defensive issues. They need to figure it out now though because they are third in the division behind the Browns now.


Cleveland Browns (7-3)

Previous Rank – 13

This game depended on two distinct things; the run game and the defense. These two things are exactly what the Browns have been practicing all season. Chubb and Hunt performed greatly in the run game again while the defense put the hurt on Carson Wentz. Cleveland now takes the second spot in the AFC North after Baltimore lost to the Titans. We’ll see if they can keep this up when they face the Jacksonville Jaguars this week.


Tennessee Titans (7-3)

Previous Rank – 15

Maybe dropping them that low was a sign of revenge against me, but damn I’ll take that every week if it means to knock off the Ravens a few more times. Tennessee used their run game to keep Lamar off the field, and when he came back on, the defense let him have it. The Titans have seemed to figure out Lamar and his system as they’ve beaten them the past two times. It will remain to be seen if they can keep that going when they face the Colts after getting beaten by them the first time.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-4)

Previous Rank – 5

The Bucs continue to play this game of hot potato of if they are good or not. This week they decided to be bad against the Rams. Brady was bad every time he got pressured and he threw two picks because of it. The defense did also not show up letting Cooper Kupp and Robert Woods both get ten receptions each with 100 yards. They need to get on track, and they will look to do that when they face the Kansas City Chiefs.


Seattle Seahawks (7-3)

Previous Rank – 8

Seattle came away with a victory against the Cardinals, but honestly I don’t think it would have been that competitive had Murray not hut his shoulder. The Seattle defense was able to put the pressure on Murray a lot more hence the sacks and overall lack in rushing. Now Seattle will face the Philadelphia Eagles and look to make more of an ass out of Carson Wentz.


Green Bay Packers (7-3)

Previous Rank – 6

The Packers faced off against the Colts and took them to overtime, but in the end the Packers fell to them. A weirdly competitive game between these two as I expected the Colts are better on defense where the Packers are better offensively. Green Bay drops another loss here, but this one was close in overtime. Green Bay still is close to taking their first round bye in the playoffs, but they have to proof they can do it. They’ll face the Chicago Bears this weekend.


Indianapolis Colts (7-3)

Previous Rank – 12

Okay Indy. I see you now. Two weeks of dominant wins over Tennessee and Green Bay. The defense and offensive line have really helped Rivers out to try to become a better quarterback, and maybe we are finally seeing that happen. Rivers and his multitude of running backs will head back and face Tennessee yet again. We will find out if the Colts can do it yet again.


Los Angeles Rams (7-3)

Previous Rank – 7

The Rams were able to stick it to the Bucs this past Monday night game. Now they lead their very competitive division, and will look to keep pushing to greatness when they face a divisional rival in the San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers have been plagued by countless injuries so it will be interesting to see if they can somehow pull a win over the Rams this weekend. Time will tell.


Buffalo Bills (7-3)

Previous Rank – 4

The Bills come off their bye week still in the lead of their division. Still, it is worrisome that the Miami Dolphins are one game back so they need to snuff out the competition right now. They will hopefully look to do that when the Bills take on the Los Angeles Chargers this weekend. In order to win, they have to stop Herbert and Allen.


New Orleans Saints (8-2)

Previous Rank – 3

I hate the fact that Taysom Hill did well. This is personally because I am an Alvin Kamara owner for fantasy. Still all bias aside, the Saints won against the Falcons in big fashion with the defense not giving up a single touchdown, and Taysom Hill finding the endzone twice. The Falcons defense is garbage, so it will be interesting to see how they faire when they take on the Denver Broncos this weekend.


Kansas City Chiefs (9-1)

Previous Rank – 2

In all seriousness, this game should have belonged to Las Vegas. A couple of bullshit penalties and some issues on the defensive side of the ball made this be a Chiefs victory. It is hard to root for Mahomes, Reid, and the Chiefs anymore basically to them getting cocky. Sooner or later, they will slip up. Regardless, the Chiefs have one loss and it was to the Raiders. They will look to avoid the losing column when they face Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this weekend.


Pittsburgh Steelers (10-0)

Previous Rank – 1

Pittsburgh is now 10-0. They destroyed the Jaguars, and are now looking to Thanksgiving for when they take on the Ravens. Right now the game is scheduled normally, but with the Ravens popping up positive COVID tests, we will just have to see where this will go. However, I have confidence that the Steelers will keep the winning going with another one against Baltimore.

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