Game of Jones: Who Dem Jones Boys?

Shoutout to the Saints defense for standing on their heads against Tom Brady, and giving me 16 total fantasy points last week. Couldn’t have won without yinz, and now everyone is asking Who Dat? Who Dat? Who dat say dey gonna beat dem Jones Boys?

Game of Jones next opponent is none other than Brett Favre’s DickPics. The squad is ran by the one and only Benny Buckets. Now I have openly admitted I am #TeamBuckets on multiple occasions, however this week we are enemies. With a 3-6 record, I am determined to win the rest of my games and sneak my way into the playoffs, even if it means taking down my friend Ben.

If you don’t believe me let me put things into perspective. If the Epic Cornhole Match happened this week, I’d root for Josh. If I were to pick my favorite sports analyst/quarterback, it’d be Dan Orlovsky. And most importantly, basketball is stupid.

Ben = Triggered

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