Deke’s Domination; The Great War Has Come

Well Deke was right to worry as his team crumbled under the weight of the pressure and he barely cracked 80 points. I know it’s hard to handle when you take on the king. Sometimes you get nervous. It happens, but yes I was able to rack up another win as my team goes now to 7-2 despite the fact that the defense underperformed and David Johnson’s concussion issues.

Now comes the best part of this season. Dennis the fucking Menace is currently in first place in this league at the moment. While he enjoys placing his bets, I wouldn’t be caught dead taking his money line over mine as his team relies on two distinct players; Russell Wilson and Dalvin Cook.

Without those two players, his team is hot garbage. While my team has an elite receiving core, a great batch of running backs, and Josh fucking Allen.

Dennis you don’t stand a chance in hell this week and I’ll take pleasure of knocking you off the false throne you sit on. You were keeping the place warm for me anyway, but it’s time for you to beat it friend. Your time is up.

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