Pittsburgh > Philly

Okay, let’s add “hit golf balls at Top Golf” to the list of things that Pittsburgh does better than Philly now.  

A video of Flyers mascot Gritty hitting golf balls at Top Golf emerged on social media yesterday and I’m not gonna lie, the big googly eyed mascot hit a bomb and then shook his junk all over the tee box.  

Not great golf etiquette man, but I know who you are so I’ll let it fly.  

But see Iceburgh didn’t back down. He calmly steps in the box, maybe after slugging a few beers, because you know everyone gets a little better after a few beers, and HIT AN ABSOULTE BOMB INTO THE UPPER ATMOSPHERE.  

Yea, this is just another thing the Steel City does better. 

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming  

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