Game of Jones: Taking Down Ole Greg

After a tough loss to Team Anastasia Football Club last week, Game of Jones finds themselves in a deep 0-3 hole. Their past performances have been subpar at best, and they will need to step it up as they head into a battle with their rival Greg Malek (I Less Than 3 Sarah).

Now in Greg’s weekly two sentence blog, he is quoted saying “Vo, you’re not worth any type of effort from me this week.” As an 0-3 team my squad is already hungry for their first win, and after reading that sentence it’s clearly bulletin board material for my squad.

As we know anything can happen in 2020, and Game of Jones is determined to take down the 1-2 (not even a winning record Ole Gregorians). Also since I am such a great friend, I want to give Greg a nice “L” as a late birthday gift.

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