Legends were made 28 years ago

28 years ago one of the most successful lawyers in the state of Minnesota found himself on the other side of the law after he was pulled over for driving under the influence. Little did he know, his life would forever change.

The young successful lawyer, Gordon Bombay was granted community services as a result of his crime. Part of his punishment was to coach a local youth hockey team, District 5. Seems easy enough right? Well, the catch was Gordon used to be a talented youth hockey player back in his day, until one game he let his team and coach down. Ever since then, Gordon stepped away from the game and never looked back.

Gordon’s return to the rink was not an easy one, as the team he was to coach had very little knowledge of how to play the game of hockey. Coach Bombay first met the squad at a local park, and to say he was impressed with their skills would be a huge lie.

The team was made up of all different kinds of personalities. You had Philadelphia born and raised Greg Goldberg in net, who would trash talk his opponents yet never make a save. Lester Averman, a prankster who would never stop telling jokes, annoying everyone in his path. Most importantly you had the leader, Charlie Conway who his team looked up too even though he wasn’t the greatest player on the ice.

Without spoiling the movie (even though it’s been 28 years), Coach Bombay and the District-5 Ducks develop into one of the best Pee-Wee Hockey teams in the area, and take on Gordon’s former youth team. A team who is still coached by Coach Reilly (The man Gordon let down). The journey along the way is definitely an entertaining one, and one you can enjoy time and time again.

The Mighty Ducks movie franchise not only made two other films, but was the sole reason the Mighty Ducks gained popularity in the National Hockey League.

If you’re a hockey fan like myself, you always make references about this movie. Whether it be about the “Flying-V”, famous quotes, or even a simple “Quack” chant, these legends will never go away!

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