The Apologies Series: Sorry Benny Buckets

Last week, I had the pleasure of embarrassing Vo in our first week of the Thoughts From The Bench Fantasy Football League, and before it even happened, I knew I had to apologize because it was just the right thing to do. The last thing I wanted him to do was to quit the league after such a terrible loss!

Well… It only seems right that I do the same for Benny Buckets.

My Fantasy Football Strategy | Kasey At The Bat

I’ll start off by saying that Benny is a great dude. He has made some amazing content for TFTB, and watching him get Josh so flustered in their cornhole matchup was one of the funniest things I got to witness. But, what Benny doesn’t know is when to shut up for his own good, like this week with our head to head match up.

SEC teams as characters from "The League" - For Whom the Cowbell Tolls

Benny, Benny, Benny… What are we going to do with you?

First off, you couldn’t even hit 100 points last week with Lamar Jackson and Michael Thomas in your starting lineup, then you almost lost a random player for not following league rules…ouch, not the best start to have in the first week of fantasy football, bud.

Now you’re about to go through the same beating that Vo did and probably not want to play in the league anymore… What’s next? Are you going to let Josh demolish you at cornhole again? Needless to say, after your incredibly poor week 1 performance, I definitely have you as the frontrunner for the last-place finish in the league by the end of the season. At this point, I’m already brainstorming ideas of what you’ll have to do as a punishment. Best of luck this week pal, you’re going to need it.

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