Hello, Week 1 High Scorer Here

Hello every, it’s your Week 1 high scorer here and boy is it glorious to be in this position after Week 1. To be honest, it wasn’t easy to get here though. So, let me walk you through my week.

So, I went to Chicago this past weekend to visit my brother. I drove out Thursday night so I didn’t really get a chance to monitor the Chiefs/Texans game or my fantasy score on the way out. When I got to my brother’s house, I was slightly behind. Surprisingly, Will Fuller had gone off from 19.2 points and Travis Kelce had a slick 17.

It was not what I wanted to see, but it was it was was. My guys had to battle back and ohhhhh did they do just that.

Not gonna lie, they slacked off during the first half of the early slot games. My lone things to boast about were at Zach Ertz tuddy, that was given to Dallas Godert at first for some god awful reason, and Josh Jacobs, who got a nice early start.

In fact, I was so nervous about Aaron Rodgers playing well, I did exactly what the Packers did during the NFL Draft this season and went out and got his successor. I dropped Benny Snell by the end of the 1st quarter on Sunday and picked up Joe Burreaux.

Yea looking back on it, probably not a great move. Now I have my successor though and Rodgers IS STILL A VERY BADDDDDDDD MANNNN and went on to tally 30.76 points. TAKE THAT RANK KING.

Josh Jacobs went on to score 35.9 points, Adam Thielen blew up for 31 and my guy, MY GUY, Calvin Ridley scored 33.9. By the end of the early slot games, Mr. Super Genius himself, Justin Boyd, had no idea what hit him.

Yea, I sat my namesake John “Smoke” Brown, who went on to score 19 but that’s how it goes sometimes. But I mean, I also went on to score 169 (nice).26 points. So, who cares.

Now, let’s look ahead to my Week 2 matchup.


I hate to do this to good ole Tom Dube. I really don’t have anything bad to say about the guy. He’s a nice guy and he’s great on the boards, I mean the guy has to carry Elsass every time they play, I kind of feel sorry for him.

But, Fantasy Football is a business and in this business it’s win or get ripped apart by your counterparts. So I’m sorry Tom, but I’m gonna have to hand you your second straight loss this week.

Here’s a preview.

He’s got the projections lead, but we know how things can change in this world.

I’d say good luck, but you know I wouldn’t really mean it!!

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