Start’ Em Sit’ Em Running Backs – Week 2


Start of the Week –

Jonathan Taylor vs Minnesota Vikings

Taylor is in for a huge workload now that starter Marlon Mack is out for the year with a torn ACL. While he’ll likely continue to split work with Nyheim Hines, I like him a lot against the Vikings this weekend who in the opening week allowed the 7th most fantasy points to the running back position.

Todd Gurley vs Dallas Cowboys

Gurley did well in his debut as a Falcon, and I believe he would have been able to do more had the Falcons not fallen behind in the score. Now he faces a Dallas defense that gave up major yardage and two rushing touchdowns to Malcolm Brown of the Rams. Gurley should do well this week. Put him in your lineup.

David Johnson vs Baltimore Ravens

David Johnson turned out better than most people thought in his first game as a Texan. He was the primary focus and even caught some balls from Watson as well. He scored on the ground, and now with Duke Johnson out for a bit, David will likely get his share of carries and receptions. While Baltimore’s defense scares me, Chubb and Hunt did fairly well, so it begs to trust Johnson this week.

Ronald Jones vs Carolina Panthers

Jones was the premier back in Tampa Bay week one, and I believe he will get the main work again when the Bucs go up against the Panthers this weekend. They just gave up three rushing touchdowns and over 90 yards on the ground. Safe to say Jones is a good play.

Raheem Mostert vs New York Jets

Mostert did better in the receiving game last weekend than in the rushing department, but did score a good amount of fantasy points. Now he looks to a New York Jets defense that he could do some serious damage in. Start him in your lineups this week.


Benny Snell Jr. vs Dnever Broncos

Zack Moss vs Miami Dolphins

Adrian Peterson vs Green Bay Packers


Sit of the Week –

Mark Ingram vs Houston Texans

Well, has Mark Ingram’s fantasy value expired already? He did little to nothing in the Ravens-Browns game, and why would he? Rookie JK Dobbins scored two touchdowns on the ground. It seems Mark Ingram has outlived his usefulness in Baltimore. That’s a hot take being week one, but I digress.

Joe Mixon vs Cleveland Browns

Mixon didn’t do all that bad against the Chargers, but he coughed the ball up and couldn’t do all that great against the Chargers. While a match against the Browns sounds favorable he just didn’t do that great, and he was even out targeted by Bernard. Not a good look this week.

D’Andre Swift vs Green Bay Packers

Although Swift scored his first touchdown, he dropped a very important one that would have won them the game. While that may not seem like much, it will go into effect on how they view him in the red zone. Also, Adrian Peterson looked pretty good out there, and with Kerryon Johnson also in the lineup, it seems hard to trust Swift.

Cam Akers vs Philadelphia Eagles

Akers did all he could to muster some fantasy value out of week one, but with Malcolm Brown getting most of the carries and the two touchdowns, it was hard to for him to make an impact. Until, he does something great I would keep him for a rainy day type of matchup.

Sony Michel vs Seattle Seahawks

Michel was hoping to get more time in with the Patriots backfield, but sadly he did barely anything aside from scoring a touchdown late. The touchdown does not justify a start though for him in a backfield that has so many running backs. Until he is the main one again, I can’t trust him.


Jordan Howard vs Buffalo Bills

Frank Gore vs San Francisco 49ers

Antonio Gibson vs Arizona Cardinals

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