The Rank King is a FRAUD

Y’all I just wanna come here to say one thing. Sometimes, the Rank King, Austin Moorhead just pisses me off to no end with his ranks.

Boyd knows what I’m talking about here.

Honestly, this should come as no surprise. He ranks things and sometimes people don’t agree with his rankings. Now my anger doesn’t stem from the Rank King’s most recent ranking, which took place before the TFTB Fantasy Football Draft last week, but it stems from THE FACT THAT HE WENT AGAINST HIS OWN RANKING.

He also drafted Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen, so that just took my anger to a whole new level.

Now let me explain.

Before the draft, Austin ranked his Top 10 players to avoid this season. So first, take a look at the list.

Now, take a look at his team.

Austin went out and picked three of his Top 10 players to avoid. Now, if you ask him to defend his picks, he’ll say something about their Average Draft Position and how he got them for a cheaper cost than what they were predicted to be drafted at. I don’t believe this to be true.

The Rank King was just trying to throw us off his sent. He truly loves Le’Veon Bell after the talented back excelled in Pittsburgh. He thinks Melvin Gordon is going to blow up in Denver and likely thinks Stefon Diggs is going to have the best year of his career during his first season in Buffalo, WHICH IS PROBABLY WHY HE DRAFTED AN MVP CALIBER QUARTERBACK IN JOSH ALLEN.

Pretty much every move the supposed “Rank King” completed during the draft made me mad. But ya know, I can’t stay mad for long, no one can stay mad at Austin. I mean he’s Austin, but when it comes his Rankings, sometimes ya just gotta hate on the guy.

Then, he’ll say “That’s why they are my Rankings.”

Mostly though, I just wrote this article because it’s mandatory and anything involving the Rank King gets clicks so I figured I’d give it a try.

Also, Aaron Rodgers was on that list, so there ya go Aus!

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