I’m Sorry For My Actions – A Letter From Deke

Although not often, I know when to apologize. When we started Thoughts From The Bench, I took pride in being me and although that will never change, there just are times that deserve an apology. I hope that after this blog you all will still trust me and TFTB.

I have had a few ideas over the years that I can say are pretty solid, borderline genius in some sense. Others flop and fail and that’s just life plain and simple. I’m not proud of my actions, but here we go.

Last night…I poured out a beer after two sips.

I tried guys, I really did. I sat there at my sink for a few minutes after I did this disgusting action just scrambling to find justification.

Was the beer a complete disgusting batch of nutmeg and bum-ass cinnamon that was the grossest thing ever? Yes. Absolutely. No questions asked. But that doesn’t excuse my actions.

I love beer. Beer has gifted me wonderful memories and terrific friends and last night I spat in the face of the beverage industry, but I’m taking a stance to say that it’s justified. Samuel Adams Jack-O beer is the single most disgusting liquid this planet has produced and I’ve drank some things in my day. This endeavor has sparked the search of a century.

Starting today September 9th, I am on the search for the world’s BEST Pumpkin beer. This disgusting, terrible, gross, blah blah beer has intrigued my interest so much that I feel as if I owe it to the beer drinking community to go on this journey.

This week’s vlog will tackle the first six beers on my list which I will reveal in tandem but I can’t do this alone. This may be a shock to a few of you, but I don’t even LIKE Pumpkin beer which makes me the perfect candidate for this endeavor.

I will redeem myself for pouring out that uggo gross butt beer to all of you and that I promise. Have a Pumpkin beer I should try? DM me. Think I ranked one of your favorites wrong? Let me know, but there’s no way I’ll change the rankings. Somehow, some way I will earn your trust back.

For the record this is the second hit I’ve taken in the beer realm recently. Not a good look for your boy.

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