Oh S***, The Draft Lottery Is Tonight

Man, time flies in a bubble huh. Tonight NBA fans across the league will find the first real bit of action as the teams fighting for the number one overall pick did not make it to the Florida Bubble.

S/O to the Jazz, Celtics, Raptors and Mavs for helping me turn a cool free $10 into $100 last night by the way. HUGE Utah/Dallas/Toronto/Boston guy.

For 14 franchises, tonights ping pong ball selection will decide between a top tier talent and perpetual limbo for years to come with the Golden State Warriors leading the odds race currently.

Let’s take a look at the odds as they currently sit.

TeamNumber oneTop 3

There are a few studs in this draft but the belle of duh ball is Georgia’s Anthony Edwards. No matter which team walks away with the top selection, you’d have to spin a story so convincing I’d sell my left hand for me to not assume Edwards goes first come draft night.

My favorite name in the draft is James Wiseman, the Memphis product who couldn’t play this season because the NCAA is an effing joke beyond belief. Granted, I’m sure Penny knew that helping the family would sway the kid to play for him but the regulations around amateur athletics is a complete farce and anyone who says ‘don’t break the rules” better never speed or turn right on reds when there’s a sign saying don’t do it. Virgins. The 7’1″ center will be a PROBLEM at the next level.

Arguably the most intriguing name in this draft is the third (and thank god, final) Ball brother to enter into the draft. LaMelo has spent years playing overseas for a few professional teams and honestly, as much as the kid sucks he is going to be good. We saw how Luka came into the league after dominating overseas, so although LaMelo is not near Luka on my “good at basketball” scale, the overseas years will pay off.

I don’t really have predictions for the top team but man, if the Warriors can walk away with Edwards as either 1) trade bait or 2) the replacement for Klay we’ve got a few more years of Dubs dubs in our future.

Also, the Lakers are going to lost to Portland, huh. Shit.

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