Quarterback Bracket Challenge Round 3

That’s right people! We are up to the elite eight. Once again, here is the bracket we are going off of.

Here are all the ones that were eliminated in Round 2;

#7 – Dak Prescott

#8 – Matt Ryan

#11 – Kirk Cousins

#12 – Carson Wentz

#13 – Josh Allen

#14 – Kyler Murray

#17 – Matt Stafford

#18 – Jimmy Garoppolo

Some interesting choices made here and now time to vote for Round 3!

#1 vs #9

Patrick Mahomes vs Tom Brady

#4 vs #5

Russell Wilson vs Ben Roethlisberger

#2 vs #10

Lamar Jackson vs Aaron Rodgers

#3 vs #6

Drew Brees vs Deshaun Watson

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