The Phoenix Suns are Undefeated

I honestly never thought I would ever type those words, but after six games in the NBA Bubble in Orlando, the Phoenix Suns are undefeated. They are 6-0 and they have been fun to watch, especially the trolling they’ve done on Twitter.

The Suns are like that one kid on the team who never scores a point, can’t beat anyone one on one, and normally aren’t that good. But, the one time they score that point or beat you, they take every opportunity to shove it in your face and I absolutely love it!!

I mean look at their Twitter handle right now. 6-0. HAHAHAHA. I love it. Okay, but all of this is besides the point.

Besides talking about the Suns being undefeated I’m here to talk about my guy Devin Booker. Ya know, “Wet Like I’m Book.”

The kid is on fire and just a few months ago I put together an article here about Devin Booker possibly being the next Kobe Bryant, the guy who shows the Mamba Mentality, that instinct to just go to work and carry his team and Book is doing just that.

I mean look at the guy’s stat line since the beginning of the restart. Four 30-plus point performances, one 10 assist game, and four perfect games from the free throw line. He’s been on a different level.

I mean look at this DEEP 3-pointer against the Thunder last night.


Book is my guy, he’s a killer and it’s awesome to see the team playing like this and they try to get a playoff appearance. They are literally doing whatever it takes to make this happen and just last night they did it once again.

The Suns trailed the Oklahoma City Thunder by 14 points last night in the first quarter before blowing up for 42 points in the second quarter then outscoring the Thunder 33-17 in the third. Quite the performance from the bubble’s top team.

They are still a game behind the Memphis Grizzlies for the final spot in the West and have two games left against the Sixers and the Mavs to make their push.

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