Which Football Team Would Win? (D.C. Villains vs Marvel Villains)

Welcome back everyone to this segment of putting various people on two different football teams and seeing how they would do. We did D.C. vs Marvel Heroes yesterday and today we will be discussing the other half of the super powered coin; The Villains.

The same rules are applied here. There will be 23 from each team and a head coach to throw in there as well. Without further ado boys and girls, let’s get evil!

D.C. Villains Team;

Quarterback – Deadshot

Running Back (Halfback) – Zoom

Running Back (Fullback) – The Cheetah

Wide Receiver #1 – Reverse Flash

Wide Receiver #2 – Ares

Tight End – Black Manta

Left Tackle – Bane

Left Guard – Lex Luthor

Center – Vandal Savage

Right Tackle – Solomon Grundy

Right Guard – Gorilla Grodd

Defensive End – Deathstroke

Defensive End – Black Adam

Defensive Tackle – Darkseid

Defensive Tackle – Doomsday

Outside Linebacker – King Shark

Middle Linebacker – Ra’s Al Ghul

Outside Linebacker – General Zod

Free Safety – The Joker

Strong Safety – Mr. Freeze

Left Cornerback – Sinestro

Right Cornerback – Scarecrow

Kicker/Punter – The Riddler

Head Coach – Braniac

Marvel Villains Team;

Quarterback – Red Skull

Running Back (Halfback) – Carnage

Runningback (Fullback) – Juggernaut

Wide Receiver #1 – Green Goblin

Wide Receiver #2 – Electro

Tight End – Venom

Left Tackle – Kingpin

Left Guard – Abomination

Center – The Blob

Right Tackle – Thanos

Right Guard – Apocalypse

Defensive End – Sabertooth

Defensive End – The Lizard

Defensive Tackle – Red Hulk

Defensive Tackle – Iron Monger

Outside Linebacker – Kraven The Hunter

Middle Linebacker – Ultron

Outside Linebacker – Killmonger

Free Safety – Mysterio

Strong Safety – Doctor Octopus

Left Cornerback – Magneto

Right Cornerback – Loki

Kicker/Punter – Bullseye

Head Coach – Doctor Doom

Thank you to everyone for voting in the last one. Now it is time to do it again. Which team of villains would win if they played a football game? You decide.

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