TFTB Madden League Presents Knock Hards: The Cleveland Brown Story (Week 5)

After losing to the Baltimore Ravens in Week 4 of the TFTB Madden League, the Browns looked to get back in the win column against the San Francisco 49ers in their Week 5 match up. However, the 49ers and General Manager str8shootakeat had other plans.

The Browns started the game on offense, and their first drive didn’t last long as Baker Mayfield continued his streak of throwing interceptions. The 49ers wasted no time as they went down the field and scored a touchdown in only a few plays.

The Browns offense took the field again, and didn’t disappoint this time around. Running back Kareem Hunt found the end zone after a huge run, avoiding tackles left and right. However in typical, Knock Hards fashion, the Browns missed the extra point. The Browns went into the half trailing 21-14, which is very good on their part.

As always the game got out of hand during the second half. Quarterback Baker Mayfield forgot how to throw the ball to his teammates, and instead decided to share the wealth with the 49ers defense. Baker ended up with another 4 interception game, bringing his season total to 13 at the end of week 5.

In addition, the Browns defense decided to take social distancing seriously, leaving six feet between them and the 49ers receivers and running backs. 49ers running back Raheem Mostert ended the game with four touchdowns, very impressive..

The Browns ended up losing the game 49-21, and fell to 1-4 overall. Even though the Browns lost the game, there were some positives:

Baker Mayfield played the entire game (positive for 49ers)

The Browns defense didn’t let up 80 points again

I didn’t break my Xbox controller

Stay tuned for the next article of Knock Hards when we recap Week 6 against the Seattle Seahawks.

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