The Final Six: NHL Hub Cities

A few days ago the NHL announced Pittsburgh and Dallas have been eliminated from the list of possible NHL hub cities for this years Stanley Cup Playoffs. The league plans to have two hub cities selected, in the near future. With Pittsburgh and Dallas eliminated that leaves, Las Vegas, Chicago, Los Angeles, Toronto, Vancouver, and Edmonton as the remaining candidates.

Many believe Las Vegas is the American front runner, and I agree with them. Las Vegas’s arena is only a few years old, and there are many places for teams to stay in a city built for tourism. I don’t think the city would have any problems hosting other NHL teams, players, and staffs (whoever makes the cut).

As for city number two, I believe a Canadian city will be chosen due to the fact Canadians and hockey are a must. If I had to guess I would think Vancouver will be awarded the hub city crown, because British Columbia has one of the lowest mortality rates in North America and Europe. The NHL looks out for their players’ health and safety, and Vancouver has been one of the safest cities during Covids 19’s presence over the past few months.

Hopefully the league will announce their decision in the next few days, as we prepare for hockey to make its return on July 30th according to reports. I personally don’t care which cities are chosen, cause fans can’t attend the games anyways. If fans were allowed to attend, I would have been really upset about Pittsburgh being eliminated, because I would have tried to go watch as many games as possible!

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