Mike Tomlin says Two Steelers Players Have Tested Positive for COVID-19

Honestly, I’m getting SUPER DUPER DOOPER depressed with the ultimate thought that Football just may not be back this season. That means a few things, none of which carry any actual weight on the world we live in today. No Redzone, no sunday fun days, and worst of all…no fantasy football.

It sounds like from the reports that the Steelers players who did test positive for COVID-19 quarantined themselves and took the correct precautions to ensure that the rest of the team didn’t catch the virus.

Last week we had Alex Kozora from the Steelers Depot on Two Beers Deep and Alex raised some extremely correct concerns. If a wide receiver tests positive on Friday before a game, what will be the protocol? Will the rest of the receivers instantly quarantine? Will the other positional players do the same? It’s a big ball of confusion at this point.

This also comes on the heels of an announcement that Novak Djokovic tested positive for the disease after a night out with fellow tennis players.

The tweet translates to – “A party led to a massive contagion of #coronavirus in tennis players. Croatian tennis player Borna Coric, himself and Djokovic’s physical trainer were infected; Marco Panichi, and Dimitrov’s coach Cristian Groh, as well as Dimitrov, who was the first.”

Right now, our biggest concern should be the health and wellness of these athletes and everyone that has been or will be impacted by COVID-19. That being said, everyone wear a mask so we can go back to doing other stuff. Like betting on sports.

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