5 Things That Will Last Longer Than Conor McGregor’s Retirement

Last week, Conor Mcgregor announced on Twitter that he will be retiring from the UFC…. BUT we have been here before with Conor. He’s taking on what seems like a Brett Favre effect with teasing us about retirement several times and returning anyway.

Conor is easily one of the greatest fighters in UFC history, although we just want a definitive retirement for once. He ended on a good note knocking out Donald Cerone in 40 seconds. He also has had teasers of a fight with plenty of fighters including fellow legend Anderson Silva and a rematch proposed to box Floyd Mayweather again. He doesn’t need any of them considering his success in UFC and his whiskey business, but I don’t think Conor can fully stay away yet. So here’s 5 things that last longer than his retirements.


If you’ve ever had a piece of this, you know you’ve got about a solid minute of flavor before this runs out. So pop in a piece of fruit stripe and by the time you’re finished, Conor will be fighting again.


The app Vine was very popular a few years back where the videos posted on this app only lasted 6 seconds each. Go on YouTube, research your favorite vine and by the time it’s over, Conor will be fighting again.


Knowing me personally means you know I’m always on to the next thing. It’s hard to keep my attention which is that if a squirrel. So by the time my attention runs out on a topic, Conor will be fighting again.


To all the smokers out there, think about how long it takes you to finish one cigarette while actively smoking. Go ahead, spark one up. I’d bet by the time you put it in the ash tray, Conor will be fighting again.


Think about the last time you saw a shooting star. If you blink you’ll miss it right? Next time you go star gazing, look for one. By the time it passes by in space, back on earth Conor will be fighting again.

It’s just hard to imagine that he’s really done. He loves the hype around it and still has a lot of gas left in the tank. I think his love for all of that won’t let this retirement last too long. Maybe I’m wrong, but let’s be honest. It’s not crazy to think we’ll see Conor again real soon.

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